A little stress can be beneficial! Know how stress can be a boon, not a bane

Not all stress is bad for your overall health! Here, we are talking about the benefits of stress to help you feel a little better.
Positive stress
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Shalini Pandey Published: 7 Aug 2022, 12:25 pm IST
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A certain amount of stress can be beneficial to our development. Some examples of these beneficial levels of stress include studying for an exam, preparing for a professional meeting, or taking some extra time off to meet deadlines. Recent research suggests that stress works positively for you if it is for a limited period of time. Let us know some benefits of stress.

Psychologist Dr. Binda Singh elucidated about the two types of stress, one is eustress which is considered as a positive stress and the other stress is considered bad for health. Scientists say that a short period of stress is beneficial for health. It makes you mentally strong and improves your brain activity. Let’s find all about short term stress and how it is beneficial for you.

Stress benefits for brain
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Here are some benefits of positive stress:

1. It can boost your immunity

You will be surprised to know that stress can protect you from infection. A little stress produces interleukin in the body which strengthens the immune system and protects you from diseases.

A 2012 Stanford research found that lab rats exposed to low mental stress produced a variety of immune cells in their bloodstreams. However, chronic stress has a negative effect on the human body.

According to a 2013 National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) research, while taking a little stress, the body produces a stress hormone called corticosterone, which increases mental capacity and makes learning easier.

2. Protecting DNA and RNA

Research states that a limited amount of stress increases antioxidants in the body, which protects DNA and RNA. But if the stress is high, its negative effect can also impact the cells.

A 2013 study from the University of California San Francisco found that chronic stress promotes oxidative loss of our DNA and RNA. At the same time, moderate levels of stress in everyday life actually protect it and increase “psychological intimacy”.

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Effects of stress
Stress may help you stay focussed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Increases concentration

Eustress is good for a short period of time, which stimulates ‘neurotrophins’. These are brain chemicals, which increase brain power. This helps in increasing your concentration, which, thus, enhances creativity and productivity.

4. You become more flexible

Learning to deal with stressful situations can improve your ability to manage things in any adverse situation, according to a study in Science of Resilience. Repeated exposure to stressful situations provides an opportunity to develop a sense of physical and psychological control.

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