What ‘Never Have I Ever’ taught me about mental health and self-love

Never Have I Ever is a sitcom that is more than just your basic teenage drama. If you haven't watched it yet, you should now because it teaches you these incredible life lessons.
Never Have I Ever life lesson
Life lessons from Never Have I Never. Image courtesy: Instagram/neverhaveIever
Arushi Bidhuri Updated: 15 Jun 2023, 09:16 am IST
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Have you had a chance to watch the web series “Never Have I Ever” yet? The last season of the show hit the streaming space recently and has been the talk of the streaming town! This is not your basic teenage or high school drama. If you haven’t seen it, you must, and we will tell you why! For starters, the show is not another love story but a show that teaches us valuable lessons through the character of Devi, the protagonist played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. It highlights the complexity of grief and the importance of seeking support during challenging times. And most of all, it is relatable because Devi stumbles, stand up, falls, makes mistakes and learns from them.

The authentic portrayal of diverse teenage experiences, along with the representation of an underrepresented community makes for a compelling series that keeps you hooked till the end. From exploring complex themes like grief to providing thought-provoking emotions, the show is captivating and insightful.

Never Have I Ever life lessons
5 life lessons from Never Have I Ever you should know. Image courtesy: Instagram/neverhaveIever

3 life lessons we learned from Devi in Never Have I Ever

Exploring the themes of friendship, and emphasizing the value of genuine connections and loss, the show teaches you to confront your insecurities, embrace your flaws, and learn from your mistakes. Additionally, it addresses mental health as it reminds you to seek help when you need it and practice self-care. Overall, the series offers insightful life lessons within a coming-of-age narrative.

1. You need to love yourself first before loving others

Going back a season, the pressure of Daxton debuting at the beginning of the third season and sleeping with the jock of the show Paxton makes Devi question her decisions. Her self-confidence plummets and makes her press Paxton for reassurance, which only makes him say that they can’t have a real relationship until she likes herself. The break-up makes her wallow, but she soon picks herself and healing begins for her when she starts dating Nirdesh. But not until he breaks up with her (in a rather nasty way), she realizes her worth.

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The moment when Devi confronts Nirdesh after he breaks up with her because his mom thinks she is in a bad mental state, shows how she finally has started to accept herself the way she is. A little self-assurance and support that she gets from her mother who tells her that someone will love her for who she is when she finally starts to believe in herself. This continues until the end of the show when she goes from being afraid of not being enough for Paxton to be pleased with herself and being confident in who she is. If that’s not teaching you self-love, what will?

self love
Learn to love yourself through the hit sitcom Never Have I Ever. Image courtesy: Freepik

2. You should be honest about your mental health issues

From attending therapy sessions to grieving the loss of her father to juggling romantic and friendship drama, Devi’s mental health is an important aspect of the show. Highlighting a normal teenager who has mental health without ostracising her is an excellent way that highlights mental health issues in a positive way. She is portrayed as someone who makes you feel odd or humiliated, and her character is not depicted as dark or terrible. Devi has been through a terrible and devastating experience, and the show appropriately acknowledges that it’s reasonable for her to not be okay. It presents a sympathetic portrayal of mental illness without downplaying her experiences or how they have affected her.

Just like her daily life problems do not magically disappear but have an impact on her life and she slowly heals herself through it all, so do her mental health problems. In short, the show normalizes having mental health issues and talking about them rather than suffering from them in silence as many other shows do.

3. Perseverance is key in life

Sometimes, life isn’t what you always think it would turn out to be! The character of Devi, faced with numerous challenges, demonstrates resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles. Despite the setbacks she encounters, Devi refuses to give up and continues to pursue her goals. The show emphasizes the importance of resilience in the face of adversity, encouraging viewers to persevere through difficult times. Devi’s journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us that setbacks are not permanent and that with perseverance, we can overcome challenges and achieve personal growth.

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