Top 10 stress management techniques to help you take it easy

It's no rocket science that stress affects every aspect of your health. These simple techniques by an expert will definitely help you keep it at bay.
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ModMonk Anshul Published: 29 Nov 2021, 09:55 am IST
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The world is moving at such a speed that mankind is finding it difficult to cope with it not only physically and emotionally, but also spiritually. In this fast-paced world, we are trying to find our feet on the ground and balance our lives, which
is continuously getting flooded with stress. What we all need is better stress management.

Some triggers are avoidable, and some not. Having said that, we need to build a system within ourselves that can help us keep these stress attackers out and maintain our mental and emotional castle.

As a spiritual coach and business psychologist, I have counselled many corporate working men and women both in different roles having similar stress issues. Stress makes them feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, frustrated and even lead to depression of some sort. And we know this need to be taken care of now, more than ever as we are passing this ‘stress-strain virus’ to our younger generation!

There have been many cases of stress-related issues lately, irrespective of people’s nature of work or personal lives. Chronic and long-term unsupervised stress can do severe long-term damage to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Here are 10 techniques you can integrate into your everyday life for stress management:

1. Become aware of your triggers and journal it:

You have heard this many times that we need to watch what causes stress. When we get stressed and try to work with it, but the most important factor here is what is the trigger? Each one of you has a different trigger that can build stress and anxiety in your body and mind. The next time you feel stress back-step your thoughts, think which word or which action made you switch on your panic mode button? Try to become aware of what all triggers you – notice your emotions and feelings, how you feel and why. Note them down. When you do this, your mind starts to become conscious and aware when you are getting triggered. Slowly,
you start to reason with yourself if it is essential to react in the way you usually do. It is a slow process, but very effective.

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2. Get a face ritual:

During the night or any time of the day, try massaging your face with cream and oil (of your choice), giving pressure to the points where the most tension is stored. Massage with upward strokes, and near your eyes. This helps you calm the nerves and release any stress you might be feeling in your face and also helps you think clearly due to the blood flow. You can look for ways to use your knuckles to release stress on your face and neck. Try this every day at least for 3-5 minutes.

3. Affirmations and chanting:

Our mind has stored a certain pathway of thinking and reacting and we are all programmed in a particular manner. Try affirmations like, “I am free now or I am in charge of my life now” (or any you choose) and repeat them religiously every day. They will create a new pathway of information, and program your mind to respond differently than the way you were previously programmed. This helps to reduce stress on a very subtle level of your subconscious state. Even chanting helps. It will bring your energy right back and help you release your stress, letting you refocus on the task at hand.

 4. Try square breathing:

This is a very simple breathing technique that will help you focus back on your mind and body keep you in the moment. You breathe in for 4 counts, hold it for 4 counts, breathe out for 4 counts and then wait for 4 counts again before you breathe in. This should be practised every day at least 21 times. Integrate this in your daily schedule and you will really notice a difference in your life, decision-making abilities and stress reduction significantly. Remember, it is about consistency.

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5. Indulge in your olfactory senses:

A smell can make you travel a thousand miles and a lifetime! Fragrances have the ability to heal and are particularly helpful in relaxing and de-stressing your mind and body. Try essence roll-ons. Apply it on your wrist as you inhale deeply the relaxing fragrance. You can also choose a fragrance of your choice. Keep your eyes shut while you do this and stay in the moment for a while.

6. Parking lot technique:

You do not need to go to every battle you are invited to. Just like that, not every stress is worth it! This is used in business decision-making strategy meetings by top management and it is a great tool for stress management too. Sometimes, we take on a lot at one time. Yes, they may all be important, but can we park some
things for later and just focus on what we need to do now? Create a small area in your notes where you use it as parking these issues that are stressing you out, but you cannot address them immediately. Do anything about them just now! This will help you channel your energy in a better manner for the task at hand.

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7. Simple meditation techniques:

Meditation does not always mean you have always sit in a closed room, with lights off! Try practising mindfulness. It merely means becoming completely present in the moment you are in non-judgmentally and experiencing that moment to the fullest. This is a great way to bring you back to the present, immediately release any tension, relax your mind and help you become more focused.

8. Body scanning and release technique:

This is another great way to manage and release stress. If you feel burnt out, tired or even de-focused, try body scanning. This will help understand which areas of your body has blocked the flow of energy. All you have to do is to sit comfortably and slowly start focusing on each part of your body – from the tips of your toe to the tip of your crown.

As you do, you consciously release any blocks if you feel stuck in a part while scanning your body, just mentally imagine. That stress leaves your body and makes you feel happy and centred within yourself. You can give mental suggestions to every muscle in your body to relax while you do this exercise.

Eat Satvic food like fruits and nuts in your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Eat well, eat Satvic:

There is a lot of truth in the saying, “you are what you eat”. Try eating happy foods during the day and in breakfast. Satvic is clean and positive food that helps build happy and positive feelings in your body.

 10. Try a pose:

Physical exercise is very important to release stress and maintain a happy mindset. Try Yoga, the rhythmic flow and movement will help you release stress and maintain a good healthy body.

Remember that you need to be in sync with your mind and body. Listen to what your higher self is telling you and how it is guiding you. Be happy, and trust yourself!

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