We’re unhappy about India’s World Happiness Report rank. So, we’re telling you 5 ways to be happier

Are you chasing happiness? If so, make personal growth a priority and follow these ways to become happier and uplift your mood in no time!
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 21 Mar 2022, 19:06 pm IST
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Just ahead of the International Day of Happiness, which was observed on March 20th, the World Happiness Report 2022 gave us a reality check. India ranked 136th on a list of 149 nations! And clearly, we are so not happy about it. The report concedes that “the true measure of progress is the happiness of the people”. What a beautiful thought it is, isn’t it? Experts have also reiterated through the years that happy people are also healthier! So, doing our bit to spread some joy, we thought of sharing some expert-recommended, simple ways to stay happy!

Now, the idea of being happy may sound like something you have to pretend, but happiness really has to come from within. You just have to be ready to become happy. But how can you achieve this state of mind?

Dr Samir Parikh, a renowned psychiatrist, spoke to HealthShots, to help us understand the ways to become happier. According to Dr Parikh, reorganizing mental health and prioritizing well-being are important aspects of life. Challenges will keep coming, and we will go through ups and downs, but we need to find space for our happiness.

So let’s get to the happiness hacks right away! Here they are:

1. Prioritize happiness

Prioritizing your happiness is the first step you should take towards being happy. It will help you understand your needs or what you want in your life. Doing so is a way that will contribute to your happiness no matter what. Spend some time with yourself so that you can better understand your feelings and so you can act accordingly. Remember that while working on physical fitness it’s essential to look out for your mental health as well.

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2. Take care of yourself

Being happy is in your hands so don’t wait for another person or special occasions to bring happiness or joy to your lives. In order to take care of yourself, you can do many things such as do mindful exercises to reduce daily stress levels, and to boost dopamine (feel-good hormones) levels try meditation. Moreover, get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet and spend time with family and friends.

3. Stay in the present

That’s the most important part. If you really want to stay happy stop thinking or planning about the future all the time. Live in the present and act accordingly. Don’t dwell too much on the past or worry obsessively about what’s going to happen in your future. Take time to appreciate where you are right now, what you’re doing. Make commitments to yourself today to enjoy the present.

4. Focus on real relationships

As per Dr Parikh, the core source of happiness is going to be about having meaningful relationships and spending quality time with people, doing the activities that bring you joy. In fact, as per Harvard University, those people who focus on real and meaningful relationships have been found to be happier in their lives. So the more time you will invest in real relationships, the happier and calmer person you are likely to become.

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Replace casual relations with heartfelt and steady relationships. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Do what you like

Yes, do whatever you like. If you want to sleep, sleep well. If you want to eat your favourite food, eat it right away. Or if you want to go on a vacation, plan it today! If you want to do something productive, learn a new skill, or cultivate your hobbies. Follow this or do something different or creative. Doing so will not only reduce the stress and worries in your mind but will also relax you and keep your kind agile.


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