Here’s why it’s time to embrace JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

Heard of JOMO? Well, it means the joy of missing out. Still don’t get it? Read this piece now, because it can be your new happiness hack.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 2 Feb 2022, 10:00 am IST
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Joy of missing out! JOMO!

Well, you might not be very familiar with this term, but it totally has the potential to up your happiness quotient. FOMO (fear of missing out) may have scared you out of your wits in these two years, but JOMO is complete opposite!

FOMO is basically the fear of losing out on an opportunity or missing an event that might leave you extremely anxious. This majorly happens when you are addicted to social media.

On the other side, there is JOMO, a more positive approach to look at any situation. According to Dr Sonal Anand, a renowned psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, it relates to making a conscious decision to live more meaningfully without internal conflicts. Basically, it’s about enjoying the moment and embracing what’s happening, and seeing it in a positive light, rather than cribbing about it.

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The point to be noted here is that JOMO serves as a ray of hope for those who live in the fear that they might be losing out on so many things. For example, during Covid-19, FOMO struck all of us really hard, when we were locked up in our homes. But if you practice JOMO, you will have extra time with your family, to yourself, and to plan thing, which you would let go of in the past.

Now that you have more time, you must enjoy it. And that can ONLY be done if you make conscious efforts.

Why must you opt for JOMO over FOMO?

Adverse effects of social media on mental health has become an important focus area, as it can change the way a person perceives oneself. The grass almost always does seem greener on the other side, and what’s happening on your screen can stress you out.

The pressure of perfection, cyber- image, and cyber – goals can become overwhelming. It can cause a conflict between the “virtual “and “real “ you, leading to frustration, confusion, and sadness. Peer pressure and trends of copying social media acts for attention can further reduce self-confidence and give rise to poor self-esteem.

JOMO can become a life saviour and help in digital detoxification. It is the process of deciding what is more important and acting in a way by keeping mental peace as the ultimate goal. The best way to follow JOMO is by reducing the amount of time you are on social media. Initially, it might be difficult but with proper motivation and scheduling routines, this can be achieved. Try not to look at your phone the first thing in the morning. Instead indulge in some ‘me’ time in the morning,” says Dr Anand.

Exercising, yoga, and meditation bring positivity in mood and actions. Plan your day ahead and keep a to-do list in handy so that you are not tempted to switch to the screen. In the evenings, make it a point to read a book or listen to relaxing music, while keeping away from unnecessary social media banter.

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Try to reconnect with people on an in-person basis. Relationships are important and giving time and attention nurtures the relationship. Prioritise what is more important and what really makes you happy. Practice mindfulness in the routine activities of life as well like drinking tea/coffee. Be mindful of what you are spending time on and how you can maximise the time in hand and make it more productive.

It is really hard for some people to say no. Forgive yourself and learn to say no without feeling guilty. You don’t have to please everyone and be perfect at the same time. It doesn’t have to be all black or white.
Do not let comments or social media posts control you. It’s time to regain your self-control and decide how you want to spend the moment.

So ladies, skip FOMO and happily embrace JOMO!

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