Is it difficult being away from home? Here are 5 ways to overcome homesickness

Feeling homesick can hinder us from making important decisions and being happy. Try out these 5 ways to overcome homesickness.
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Manasvi Jain Published: 11 Jul 2022, 15:48 pm IST
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Many times in our life, we have to make tough decisions for self growth. People leave their homes and go someplace else where there are better opportunities related to work and studies. Stepping out of the comfort of our homes and making it on our own in a different city or country is a dream for a lot of us. But just because sometimes it’s our choice, it doesn’t mean that we won’t face challenges. One of the most common challenges faced by people in such a situation is homesickness. It is the most basic human nature to miss our loved ones and the beautiful home we grew up in, especially when we are faced with change, responsibilities and adversities.

Moving to a new and unfamiliar environment can be nerve-wrecking for a lot of people. A plethora of mixed emotions and responsibilities faced by these people can lead to a state of feeling homesick. Homesickness is psychological distress caused when a person is away from their home and family in unknown surroundings. A person suffering from homesickness starts craving for familiarity and gets stuck in a loop of trying to get back to that. But it is important that you break free from this compulsion, so that you can be happy and be prepared for the new experiences coming your way.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Sandeep Vohra, Senior Consultant of Mental Health and Psychiatry at Apollo Hospitals, and he shared some interesting insights to get over the feeling of homesickness.

Here are 5 doctor-recommended ways to overcome homesickness and to feel happy in your new environment:

1. Get a hobby

Keeping yourself busy and doing something that is of your interest can help you in more than one way. Getting a hobby can help you learn something new, keep your mind occupied, and can distract you from the uneasy feeling. Playing a sport like cricket, taking up dance classes or going for a swim will help you uplift your mood.

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2. Stay active

Staying active and being ready to do any task is always a great idea. Being lethargic and lazy gives your mind a window to roam around and have thoughts that you won’t generally face while being active and busy. So, keep busy and stop overthinking because that will get you nowhere.

3. Go out if you can

If it is possible, start going out more. Now, by going out it’s not meant to be misinterpreted by only partying and clubs. Exploring nature, and going for a hike or a bicycle ride are some of the many activities that one can opt for to add to their busy schedule. Exploring natural habitats is always recommended, as it helps you connect with nature and feel a part of it both physically and spiritually.

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4. Cook your own food

Try to have food made at home rather than ordering from a diner. Cooking your own meal can be a hassle sometimes but it has far more positives attached to it. Eating your own homemade recipes can help you maintain a healthy diet and maintain a connection with your culture. Also, cooking takes time so, one will have less time on their clock to ponder upon the distant memories of home.

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5. Find new ways to connect

Keep in touch with your family and friends. Video calls and texting are a way, but one can still be creative and find some new ways to connect and have fun with their close ones. Organizing an online event for friends and families with a variety of tasks or trying out new online multiplayer games are some of the new trends people are coming up with to connect and have fun.

So, the aim is to be a busy-bee until you adjust in your new life and can overcome the feeling of homesickness.


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