Make sure your self-talk is rooted in positivity with these 3 tips

It is important to practise positive self-talk in order to stay mentally healthy and build emotional strength.
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Devina Kaur Published: 20 Jun 2021, 11:30 am IST
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Life has many unknown mysteries and challenges for us. Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? For example, nobody gets married to get divorced. Not many of us aspire to raise a child by ourselves, and not all of us want to live away from our families while doing it but this seems to be our reality.

All these factors in life have the ability to bring us down and end up chipping away at our spiritual confidence. Many times, the shame which we think is from external factors is actually our own internal shame. Negative messages are not generated by our authentic, loving selves. They are not even based in reality.

Tips on practising positive self-talk:

To survive and transform into the person you are meant to be, here are 3 tips on how to keep self-talk positive no matter what life throws at you:  

1. Mirror Therapy

Love is the antidote for all the poison and toxicity that exists in the world. The following is a personally tried concept. No matter the size of my body, or my outside success, whenever I struggle with dark emotions, I stand in front of the mirror and repeat the phrase ‘always sexy, always brilliant’.

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Be kind to yourself and practise positive self-talk which is good for your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The more I repeat these affirmations while looking at the mirror and admiring myself, the sexier I feel. After thirty days of practising this, I started to notice a significant improvement. I have started giving myself permission to love every curve, hair, wrinkle, and cell. Why shouldn’t I? There is only one body in the world like mine, and I get to live in this beautiful body!

The same goes for you! Commit to looking at yourself in the mirror every day with love, admiration, and compassion. Look at yourself, in your eyes and say out loud ‘I am sexy’, ‘I am brilliant’, ‘I am perfect.’ Reclaim the gorgeous, sexy person that lives within you. Personally, it doesn’t matter that I live in a fat body. I belong to myself, and I love myself just the way I am. The same goes for you. The only thing that matters is taking back your power and experiencing the epitome of self-love. 

2. Envision your future self

Imagine your future self and what you want to be. Do you aspire to have self-love, self-acceptance and to be confident in what you have to offer the world? Work towards making your future dream self a reality. Get to know yourself. Take steps every single day to become the person you want to be. Have a loving relationship with all parts of yourself. For example, I praise my features out loud. I tell my dark brown eyes how they sparkle. I tell my grey hair how perfect it is. I don’t compare myself to anyone else, and I don’t ask anyone to compare themselves to me. Grow and learn to love yourself as a true spiritual being.

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3. Laugh 100 times a day

Finding your happiness is your life purpose. This journey is not as easy as it may seem. Part of being an earthbound human is dealing with the expectations of the world. That includes relationships and material success and how you define them, or how they define you. Finding your purpose often comes at the cost of increased expectations.

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When I started my search for meaning, encountering the unknown brought out my insecurities. I started with a fear-based mindset, wondering if I would ever be good enough. This is normal. Once I realized where my fear was coming from, I was able to change the message from fear to love. Choose to attract happiness.

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Since laughter is good for your soul, practice laughing out loud at random times of the day. Laugh at yourself. It might feel awkward and unnatural, you might feel like you are making a noise or embarrassing yourself but keep laughing. Laugh as many times as your soul may need it. Laugh 100 times a day if you have to. It is empowering, attracts positivity, and allows you to release the stress of life. In reality, you can create your own success—and sexiness— by directing your thinking towards positivity.

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So, ladies, keep these 3 tips in mind and ensure your self-talk is positive!

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