These 5 science-backed morning habits will make you happy and fulfilled

While waking up early is an achievement, it isn’t enough. Here are some science-backed morning habits that shall help make you feel happy and fulfilled.
morning habits to make you happy
Crank up your body and soul with these morning habits. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Aishwarya Chopra Updated: 16 May 2020, 02:30 pm IST
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Ever noticed how that when you feel lethargic in the morning, that feeling stays with you the whole day? Well, that’s the thing: your morning sets the tone for the entire day. And so it is integral to oil your body and soul well in the morning and rev up the engine to live a fulfilled day.

Just being ‘early to rise’ isn’t just enough. Even if you wake up at 5 am, not giving yourself a set intention can make you feel like a chaotic mess. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that morning habits help create a life where happiness, fulfillment, and maximum productivity are interwoven. 

So, we got Dr Bhavna Barmi, a well-renowned practicing clinical and organizational psychologist to discuss how morning habits can help us carve our happiness.

Dr Barmi says: 

Morning habits help us re-energize, build focus and eliminate stress caused by the chaotic morning rush.

Here are some that Dr Barmi suggests you should start your day with:

1. Practice the subtle art of gratitude
We all have heard about how the practice of gratitude brings happiness. Yet, most of us get on with our crazy days without ever asking a simple question: “What am I grateful for?”. Maybe it seems far too simple for the grand promises that it claims. But it actually works!

morning habits
Focus on the abundance you already have first thing in the morning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Gratitude helps to develop a better mindset and notice more opportunities,” says Dr Barmi. “It’s an effective way to tame mental clutter, sharpen focus, and unlock creativity.”

So, it’s time to pick up your journal and scribble the answer to “What am I grateful for today?” first thing in the morning to unlock abundance.

2. When it comes to a happy day, yoga se hoga
Yoga has long been introduced to us as a science that connects our mind, body, and soul. And it’s time to finally give this practice a shot, even if it’s for 10 minutes. According to Dr Barmi, a morning yoga practice is a “great way to get energised, improve focus and other cognitive skills.”

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In fact, a study featured in the US National Library of Medicine found that the regular practice of pranayama has the power to create long-term changes. It states that a regular yoga practice creates real biochemical changes creating better physical and mental health. So get that yoga mat out, ladies!

To ensure that it doesn’t become a one-time fluke but a natural habit, keep your yoga mat near your bed. Keeping the yoga mat in your peripheral vision will give you a reminder.

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3. Start your day with water
Chugging a glass of water first thing in the morning sounds so simple. Yet we often forget it, don’t we? While it may sound tough, substitute that cup of coffee for water. Why? When we sleep, our bodies are deprived of water for eight hours. To replenish the essence of life, hydrate as soon as possible.

morning habits that make you happy
Become conscious of when you choose to drink up, ladies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

To elevate and enhance your mood, you can follow up that glass of water with green tea. To mix it up and get an extra kick, you can add lemons or oranges to your water.

4. Skip skipping your breakfast
After snoozing our alarms too long, we often frantically run to work, skipping breakfast in the process. So whenever the thought of skipping breakfast comes to mind, skip the thought altogether!

morning habits to make you happy
Eat a hearty breakfast with your fam to ensure a full stomach and heart. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Research suggests that a hearty breakfast can help reduce fatigue and boost our metabolism and cognitive function. Dr Barmi also says that “eating breakfast with family or your housemates helps to foster a positive emotional connection.”

5. Carve a personalised to-do list
A to-do list might seem boring, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do-right? To make it interesting again, you can name your list with words that spark emotion of joy. “Renaming it can make us feel motivated for our future accomplishments,” says Dr Barmi.

morning habits to make you happy
Making your own to-do list shall keep you excited in the morning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

After renaming it, just the simple act of listing things out can help you streamline your day’s intentions. “It can help us identify our priorities and increase our efficiency,” states Dr Barmi.

After you make the list though, start first with the things you are most likely to put off. This will help you break out of the trap of procrastination and bring you fulfillment.

On your journey to interweave happiness and productivity, follow these morning habits.

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