New Year resolutions often get broken. Try these 4 healthy habits you can stick to

New year’s resolutions are so passe anyway! Try inculcating these healthy habits instead
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Shifa Khan Updated: 30 Dec 2021, 15:25 pm IST
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New Year 2022 is almost here. And so is the chain of new year resolutions that we make each year with utmost confidence and will power. Your friends and family make some resolutions too and we end up following the suit year after year. But a lot of times, you promise more than you can keep and end up breaking them. This doesn’t end well, does it? The guilt that follows after not committing to the promise we made to the brand new year feels almost criminal!

You must have already jotted down ideas for a new improved version of yourself as we step into a fresh year. But have you ever managed to stick to a new year’s resolution? Well, you’re not the only one who has failed. A research by the University of Scranton suggests that just 8 percent of people are actually able to achieve their New Year’s goals. How does it feel to be a part of the other 92 percent? We are not cheerful about that!

So, why do we break our new year resolutions?

  1. Complicating your New Year resolutions

Due to the ‘high josh’ during the holiday season, a large population makes extraordinary bucket lists for new year or intend to go for extreme personal makeovers. But, this type of over-achieving approach often ends up in failure. What’s the reason? This happens because once the festivities are over, you hit the reality check. Real life sucks and you may have so many competing priorities other than just solely shooting for your new year resolution.

2. Considering your resolutions sacred

You may think of the New Year as a time for reflection and intention-setting. And, aiming for a personal goal at the start of each January comes with it. But you should refrain from using this symbolic “new beginning” term or thinking too highly of your resolutions. They can give you a feeling of elation during the initiation which may turn into resentment when they seem out of your paws! Aiming for perfection before sticking to the rituals doesn’t end well.

3. Being over-ambitious

Making a resolution to get a bikini body in 10 days is like shooting for the stars when you haven’t even launched your rocket! We are not saying it is unattainable! You can get a smoking hot bod, but with baby steps. Big dreams only cause frustration when they break. Keep your efforts simple – like not binging on potato chips in 2022. It will be a tough ride though!

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4. Lacking consistency

You may start the year with pomp and show and make New Year resolutions in a bid to better yourself. But you may bite more than you can chew due to lack of determination. You may be determined initially but determination is malleable. It fades with time and moulds itself into change of interests sometimes. Being consistent in your efforts is what you might be bailing on.

If you’re feeling called out, there are things you can do to improve your lifestyle in the new year. How about inculcating some habits instead which are definitely not that demanding? Maybe it’s just better to keep your ‘go big or go home’ approach on the side. Take a look at a few things you can stick to to make yourself a polished person in the new year:

Habits you need to get on with for a Happy New Year

  1. Master the art of doing nothing

Well, technology is a beast! Buzzing emails and reminders can suddenly fill your morning with continuous urgency. The fast-paced life calls for it. But stealing moments of silence and stillness is what you must learn this new year. By doing this, you will be able to take advantage of your morning routine and find solace in the silence. The tranquility that comes with being one with nature, perhaps even by meditating. Silence can be an empowering experience that most of us take for granted. Enjoy doing nothing sometimes. Watch the birds, read a book or just breathe. It can be difficult for some, since we are so used to the hastily racing world and all the distractions that come with having technology. But, this will be the best habit you can cultivate in 2022.

2. Indulge in fitness in any little way

Habits are something you need to enjoy too. Maybe waking up at 4 a.m. and going for a jog might not be your preferred starting point, but waking up at 11 a.m. for a quick ‘Yoga sesh’ may be your perfect start! In your attempts to create a mindful morning routine, it is important to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Find your balance! While going gaga over the fitness trends is one of the most common new year resolutions, you should make the best out of your routine on your own. Channel your identity and find a moment to get in tune with your fitness, where the daily stresses of life are not in your radar. It’s all about you – that means you are in control of how you want your workout routine to be best for you, your body, your mind and your soul.

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Work towards your fitness levels slowly but gradually. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Hydrate yourself like a plant

The most advocated habit by doctors, nutritionists, skin experts and even moms is to hydrate yourself better. Whilst some of us may prefer a heavy dose of caffeine in the morning, try switching it with a refreshing energiser such as lemon water to get your day started. Eating and drinking wholesome meals with liquids throughout the day ensures that our bodies get nourished and fight off the daily wear and tear. If vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates are essential for survival, so is water. This new year, ensure you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every single day. Try a water reminder app or carry a water bottle wherever you go. It may help you set it into a habit.

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4. Make mental health your priority

Times are tough with the pandemic and lots of unpleasant things happening around us. But, you’ve got to hold your ground. Just like our bodies need to be fed, so do our minds and our inner-selves. The ability to take a step back and become more self-aware of our presence allows us to become accepting, loving and kinder to ourselves. Every time you pass by the mirror, look at yourself and speak to the body parts that you like about yourself and even the ones you don’t like. Self affirmations work a great deal in changing your mood. Give yourself a smile, and be thankful for who you are in your entirety. This new year, practice and preach self love like a habit. Once you’ve acknowledged the beauty that lies within you, being sexy and brilliant becomes second nature!

These habits work not just on January 1, but you can turn to them and make a positive change at any time of the year. Here’s hoping that 2022 will be a joyful year for the world, and a year where you get one step closer to the amazing person you want to be.

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