Repeat these 5 principles of Reiki daily for your mind, body and soul

Make it a morning ritual to repeat these 5 principles of Reiki to pave your way towards inner healing and a powerful mind.
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Purvi Kalra Published: 20 Aug 2022, 08:59 am IST
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A Japanese natural healing technique, Reiki is made up of two words “Rei” which means “God-consciousness” and “Ki” which means “Life Force Energy”. Known for its magical abilities to restore physical and emotional well-being, this technique is thousands of years old with its mention found in the Atharva Veda. It heals a person’s aura and paves the way for self-transformation and helps one dive deeper into the spiritual realm.

When I was attuned to Level 1 of Reiki by my Reiki master, I truly understood the significance of repeating positive thoughts and affirmations out in the universe.

Here are these 5 principles of Reiki

The first and foremost lesson while learning Reiki is to understand the set of 5 principles of Reiki. The core of Reiki lies in repeating these 5 principles with regular practice and gaining control over mind, body, and spirit. So, repeat these principles first thing in the morning to see fruitful results.

1. “Just for today, I will not be angry”

In our daily lives, a lot happens that can easily rile us up. Sometimes, we face hurdles at work or go through relationship or health issues, the list goes on and on. With anger stored in our hearts and mind, we tend to get angry at ourselves or the people around us. The consequence of it is that we let out negative vibes into the universe. Such harmful feelings corrupt our pure reiki channel and aura.

So, by repeating this principle, our mind will make sure to not feel infuriated at petty issues. And, with practice, even under grave circumstances, we will master the art of staying calm and sane.

Anger is not worth it
Anger is not worth it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. “Just for today, I will not worry”

The nature of the mind is to think. What happens when we start worrying? We get trapped in a loop of fearful thoughts and become insecure and scared. As humans, we need to learn to conquer our minds and thoughts. Staying under constant worrying, we only complicate our lives by losing our rational thinking capacity.

By recalling this principle, we are guiding our mind to replace worrying thoughts with more rational ones. We only get back what we give, so to attract abundance, we need to change the way we perceive life. Learn how to stop worrying and focus on yourself!

3. “Just for today, I will do my work honestly”

As breadwinners, we work hard on a daily basis. But with what intention we approach our work, matters. If we work honestly, with proper intentions, our hard work will always pay off. Indulging in corruption, bribery, and laziness in your work will get back to you in the same ways. Honesty in work is irreplaceable. You play your role well, the universe will take care of the rest.

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Honesty in work
Honesty in work can take you places. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. “Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbours and every living being”

There is no feeling more liberating than being kind. By being kind, you open your heart to get back more kindness and love from the universe. It takes nothing to practice kindness in your daily life.

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5. “Just for today, I will be thankful for all my blessings”

Gratitude is always the key to success in life. By expressing gratitude for even the smallest things, we are telling the universe that celebrate the blessings it showers upon us. With this kind of abundance mindset, we will only receive more of what we have.

By practicing repeating these Reiki principles, you automatically open your internal channels of love and healing.

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