5 mood boosters that will cost you zero

On a rough day, try out these natural mood boosters and say goodbye to a sad mood. The best part is that they won’t cost you a thing!
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Purvi Kalra Published: 6 Dec 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Woke up to some unpleasant news? Having a terrible day at work? Trying to beat the blues? It is common for these and anything else to weigh you down, making it difficult to cope. Even the petty disappointments or frustrations as you go through the day can leave you feeling grumpy and miserable, making it impossible for you to pursue the goals you want to achieve throughout the day. But perhaps you just need a little pick-me-up to walk you through the day seamlessly. The problem sometimes is you don’t know what to do or where to start. A bad mood, if left unattended, can boil over, leaving you feel all the more miserable. However, you can brush the mood swings aside with mood boosters that don’t cost a thing!

Health Shots got in touch with clinical psychologist Dr Kamna Chhibber to know about some natural mood boosters. Bonus: They are free!

natural mood boosters
Try out these natural mood-boosters to lift your mood! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Natural mood boosters to overcome sadness

Here are some very easy-to-do things that can be managed anytime through the day to lift your mood instantly.

1. Go for a stroll

“Take a short break and go for a stroll around the block to change your environment,” suggests the expert. On days when we end up in a bad mood, being in the same environment can sometimes bring more harm than good. You get more time to sit with your pestering thoughts, ponder over them and feel worse. Changing your environment can also change your mood, and a short stroll in the lap of nature can have a calming effect on the mind, promoting a sense of peace and rejuvenation.

2. Some music for the soul

You can literally do this anywhere. Just put on your headphones, play some soothing music and rest for a while. You will notice your mood changing within minutes. Music can even boost productivity at work and has the ability to amp up how you feel. “You can also listen to a positive video or podcast to help calm yourself and elevate your mood,” says the expert.

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3. Reading

It is known that reading can teleport you to some faraway dreamy place without even lifting your feet. You can pick a feel-good book from your bookshelf that you have been postponing for so long and immerse yourself in that beautiful reading experience. “Read something pleasant and relaxing which is disconnected from your day-to-day life and work,” says the expert.

natural mood-boosters
Read as much as you can when in a low mood! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Step out to meet your friends

Locking yourself up in your room to weep and feel sad isn’t going to help. Instead, step out and meet your buddies and talk about good things. Good company is the best medicine you will ever need to lift up your mood. “You can also call your loved ones to have a nice, relaxing conversation,” says the expert.

5. Exercise

It is a no-brainer that exercise releases feel-good hormones in your body, and you will naturally feel better post an intensive workout session. So, roll out your yoga mat, hit the gym to improve your mood or simply dance if that’s what gives you utmost joy.

Give these mood boosters a shot, and see the difference they bring to your day!

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