Learn the art of persuasion in just 10 steps with this nifty guide

Persuading someone isn’t easy. And if you find yourself struggling to put your point across and getting through to others, then this guide is for you.
art of persuasion
Master the art of persuasion in 10 easy steps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Ishita Mukerji Published: 27 Aug 2020, 12:03 pm IST
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Persuasion has frequently been depicted as a unique type of craftsmanship, but have you ever wondered what makes it so amazing? You may also ask why you should try to learn how to persuade others. You may even consider such a “craftsmanship” to be malicious or manipulative.

Persuasion, when done accurately, makes change at a physiological, mental, and natural level in the individual you are convincing. This makes it a delicate work of art.

Why is it important to learn the art of persuasion?
In all actuality every one has, at some point or the other, been in a position where they needed to convince somebody of something. By capably depicting the advantages and rationale of something so as to ensure agreement, extraordinary persuaders can make a success win for everybody.

But this begs the question: is persuasion good or bad? Honestly—it isn’t either; not at all by itself at least. It all depends on your purpose behind persuading someone. Your intention makes all the difference.

So how can you persuade someone?

1. Tell a powerful story to lead them to their own most logical conclusion:
We are profoundly convinced by incredible stories since they are the most established type of correspondence we know. Instead of listing all the advantages, you can recall an anecdote about how another person utilised certain something, explicitly highlighting the benefits of the said thing.

art of persuasion
Positive thinking can even make achieving the seemingly impossible, possible. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Keep your message simple: People think they have more capacity to impact somebody when they present an elegantly-composed complex message. However, it’s the other way round. Present the other individual with a basic, clear message and you are bound to impact them.

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3. Focus on how unique your offering is: What you’re offering, regardless of whether it’s a thought or an item, has to be introduced as one of a kind. When people see something is rare or scant, they hold it in higher esteem. Some portion of what makes something so alluring is that it is uncommon—which for the most part implies that many people don’t know it exists or can’t acquire it.

4. Offer less choices: A great many people are incapacitated by decisions. When you give an excessive number of options, many people tend to neglect picking anything. One approach to convince somebody to settle on a specific decision is to give them less alternatives, while clarifying the advantages of settling on a specific decision.

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5. Be agreeable even when you don’t agree: It’s imperative to communicate agreement with the individual you’re attempting to convince as regularly as could reasonably be expected. This shows just how much regard you hold for them. Everybody needs to be thought of as clever, so in the event that you invalidate all that somebody says, they’re probably going to excuse you.

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art of persuasion
Be cordial with the people around you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Understanding is crucial: If you can say exactly what you want someone to believe and they immediately believe it, there isn’t much of a need for persuasion. Unfortunately, more often than not, you need to show them in subtle ways why your viewpoint is correct. The best persuasion techniques are built on drawing comparisons, storytelling, and recognizing the other person and where they stand.

7. Value listening: When you listen first, you assemble the information you need to make a customised pitch that will sound good to the individual you’re attempting to convince. Don’t just jump to what you want to say; rather pose some questions to see what their perspective is.

8. Be morally sound: There are a couple of moral issues to keep in mind before you use your newfound skill of persuasion. Before you attempt to persuade somebody to agree with you, consider what the effect on them will be in the event that you succeed.

9. Praise them: At the point when you subdue the other person and their thoughts, they start to feel immaterial and pushed aside. By adulating the individual on the things that you do like about them, you are intrinsically making yourself more affable in their eyes.

10. Do your exploration: So as to convince somebody adequately, you have to set up validity. By getting your work done, introducing relevant realities, and appearing to be a specialist in the field, individuals will be substantially more responsive to your message.

Once you have mastered the art of persuasion, getting your purpose fulfilled will become easy for you. Persuasion doesn’t mean harming anyone or manipulating in a negative way but rather getting your work done by using the right techniques and intention. With the right tricks and techniques you can save yourself from getting tricked. Just be careful not to overuse these tricks and be gentle.

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