Exercise for self-care: Try it to see the magic!

Don't underestimate the power of a workout for self-care. Here are some benefits of exercise for the mind that you must know.
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When you exercise, you truly indulge in self care. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 3 Sep 2022, 14:00 pm IST
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Typically, when we think of self-care, we think of activities like snuggling in our bed, having a warm cup of tea, taking a hot shower, finding some “me” time during the day – basically, anything gives us time to relax. Doing any strenuous physical activity may not always be on top of our mind when it comes to a self-care activity. But it’s worth a try to see the benefits of exercise for your mind!

Any physical activity is one of the greatest ways to help the brain de-clutter.

Here are some benefits of exercise for self-care:

Empowerment coach Jagriti Kajaria tells us why going to the gym or a workout session in general are the best forms of self-care.

1. Increases your focus on self

When one goes to a gym, everyone working out there has thoughts that are focused on how they can push themselves beyond their comfort zone. This helps the release of stress hormones that get built up in the body throughout the day. One feels a sense of relaxation of the muscles, happiness and peace.

Exercise helps you relax
Exercise helps you relax. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Motivation

At the gym, when we see others and how each one is pushing their limitations a little more day after day can act as a huge source of motivation. Such moments help boost the endorphins that make you feel positive and good about yourself, indirectly helping you to expand your boundaries. This is inspiring for you as well as others around you.

3. You will eat better

When you finish a good workout and are feeling fitter and stronger, you’re much more likely to nourish it with goodness rather than junk food. Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc. These are all commonly known hormones that are released alongside, so naturally, just hitting the gym and feeling positive about your health is going to help you make better choices in what you feed your body.

Healthy food
Workout can make you eat healthier. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Agility

The training happens at the body, heart, and soul levels and helps you achieve much more by making you mentally agile. This habit of intentional optimisation of both your time and energy will increase the urge to create healthy habits that are surely long-lasting. It allows you to settle into stillness and reconnect with the heart to align with what matters most.

5. You will release negative energy

Since all chakras are stretched systematically and slowly the stuck energies are immediately released. Thereafter, you tend to keep a constant rhythm of your exercise, the end result is beyond what you can perceive or understand instantly.

Tips to release stress
Tips to release stress. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Calmer mind

The benefits of exercise also include the fact that it will slowly help you to inch your mind to a more calm and semi-permanent restful state. Such a calm mind encourages everyone at all levels of the body, mind, and spiritual levels to be fully present in the moment. This will give you an optimistic mindset and a heart full of gratitude.

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