Don’t bring other women down, do this instead: What do women expect from other women?

From wishing women around them to be their support system to being less judgemental, seven women share what they expect from other women this International Women's Day.
International Women’s Day: What women expect from other women? Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Arushi Bidhuri Updated: 8 Mar 2023, 02:29 pm IST

A single woman is powerful. Collectively, they can change the world. I have always believed this. Over the years, women have been subject to the harsh reality of the world that at times, forces them to compete with other women, but slowly and thankfully that is fading. However, there are still women on the other side of the spectrum who bring other women down for their own good. There’s nothing more devastating and heartbreaking to see women bringing one another down – after all, we are all made up of the same fabric that can help weave the cloth of change. And for that, we need to support women to move past the regressive era that turns “women against women”.

We can bring that change only by building a natural bond between women, and for that, we need each other’s support. Having said that, here are some women who shared what they expect from other women.

What do women expect from other women?

HealthShots compiles thoughts of 7 women on what they expect from other women, and the answers might not shock you!

What do women expect from other women? Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

1. Be more supportive: Radhika Bhirani

In my opinion, the least women must expect from the larger woman community is support and empathy. It should be an unsaid deal, an innate understanding that no matter what, we’re there for you. For years, we have heard older women share their grief about how ‘aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai’. But that narrative needs to change. Women must not inflict the same grief on another woman. Break the chain, and build a more loving, supportive, and cheerful environment for women to flourish, at home, at work, or in the community.

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2. Don’t ask unnecessary questions about my life: Natalia Ningthoujam

“I expect and request women to stop asking questions like ‘when are you getting married?’ or ‘lose weight if you want to get married’.”

While the term “boundaries” may seem like a far-fetched dream in our society, it is what we need to do. Especially women should respect other women’s boundaries because they know how it feels when crosses them. Asking personal questions is not acceptable at all. Women go through a lot as it is, and we don’t need to make it more difficult for them.

Ask less questions and support women. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Be less judgmental: Aayushi Gupta

“She is too fat.” “She must have done something wrong.” “How can she even act like that?” “She should at least think where she is before acting out.” These are just a few and not so mean judgments that women often come across. It is an issue in society when people arbitrarily pass judgement on others. I believe that what I need, at least from other women, is for them to not criticise or judge my decisions and choices. Let me decide how I want to live my life.

4. Be kind and understanding: Arushi Bidhuri

Women are more compassionate than others, so they are more capable of exuding that emotion. “I wish women would make me feel less uneasy when I am around them. Even if they are not friends with me or any other women, they should treat one another with kindness, patience, and understanding. It can help us feel at ease. That starts with being supportive of each other.”

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5. Don’t put other women down or judge them for making a bold choice: Manasvi Jain

Why do women need to explain themselves every time they try to make a bold choice? Why do women put other women through the same things they went through? There’s nothing worse than women denigrating other women. I wish that women would start standing up for women instead of putting them down, men are doing that enough. We don’t need to judge other women for the choices they make or pull them down when they are reaching new heights. The least we can do as women is support them and let them shine the way they should.

6. Don’t cheat or talk behind my back: Satata Karmakar

Gossiping, bitching, or cheating are some of the worst things you can do to another person, regardless of gender. Sometimes, we fail to understand the impact of our words on other people and their lives. It ruins some people’s reputations, so you should think twice before doing or saying things that might permanently damage someone’s life. Let them grow, be better and achieve what they want – be a great support in the process, not a hurdle!

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Stop back bitching and support women. Image courtesy; Shutterstock

7. Amplify other women: Tavishi Dogra

You help one woman rise, you make the community shine – this theory is something that women should abide by! “I work in an environment where I feel supported by the women around me and experience more career satisfaction. I feel inspired and want to give my best because of the positivity around me. I wish all women at workplaces and home become more supportive of other women and what they do to bring the change we all want to see around us.”

#Womensupportingwomen – this campaign looks great, but the truth is not every woman stands up for other women. It’s time we change that, and let it begin this International Women’s day!

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