This Valentine’s Week, wake up and smell the roses to feel calm and relaxed

Valentine’s Week has kicked in and we are celebrating Rose Day but with a twist. So, before you head out to buy some gulaab for that someone special–buy yourself a bouquet for their health benefits.
Rose Day
You don’t need cupid, just a bunch of roses! GIF courtesy: Giphy
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 7 Feb 2020, 10:42 am IST
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Roses are red,
Violets are blues,
Don’t wait for anyone else
Because this Rose Day, you can give yourself one too…

Yes, we are asking you to buy roses for yourself today because it’s Rose Day and you must show yourself some love. In fact, pampering yourself is the best thing you can do to keep yourself calm and happy.

But what do roses have to do with this?
Well, according to a scientific research conducted at the Texas A&M University in the US surrounding yourself with flowers, including roses, at work can improve your memory, boost your creativity, and help you in better decision making

If that still doesn’t convince you to buy yourself a bunch this Valentine’s Week, then here’s another 100% scientific reason why. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology suggests that just looking at roses at the workplace is enough for you to feel less stressed.

Rose Day
Roses can make you feel happy and less stressed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Wake up and smell the roses for even more benefits
Roses have a soothing scent, almost nostalgic for the lot of us who have grown up with lush gardens boasting these seasonal blooms. But turns out, apart from transporting you to your childhood, rose scent can also make you feel calmer and more relaxed according to a research paper published in the 2009 edition of Natural Product Communications.

Not just roses–all things nature can uplift your mental well-being
Feeling stressed? Go for a walk in the park. Feeling anxious? Tend to your kitchen garden. Either way, nature will help you heal. And ladies, this is a scientifically proven fact. In fact, it’s been found that adults who had close contact with their environment during their childhood have better mental health. This study was published in the journal, International Journal of Environmental Health Research.

Not a fan of roses? No problem, gift yourself a flower that will make you smile
There is no hard and fast rule here. If you don’t want the humble gulaab on Rose Day, pick something else. Marigold, lilies, jasmine, carnation… whichever bloom you choose will help you feel happy. In fact, here are a few to choose from:

Lilies for the love: If recently you have been feeling real low then give lilies a chance to boost your mood. They are full of fragrance and are drop dead gorgeous.

Ohhhh my orchid: Let alone their beauty, but do you know they also purify the air around you? One orchid, two benefits!

Valentine's Week
Not just roses, but even vibrant chrysanthemums can uplift your mood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Chrysanthemums to set the mood: Researchers say that chrysanthemums can help you feel less agitated and brighten your mood for days.

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Jasmine for a good night sleep: If sleepless nights are nipping you in your butt, then buy some jasmine. Researchers suggest that jasmine induces sleep and helps in calming your senses as well.

So girls, this Rose Day, instead of waiting for that boy to surprise you with a bouquet, buy yourself one. Because, you’re worth it!

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