Fed up of working from home? Here’s how you can reclaim your lost productivity

While we’re trying to keep spirits high and maintain our sanity, self-isolation can get to us. Let’s take active steps in being productive.
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If you just can't bear to work from home anymore, these tips will help you stay sane. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 25 Apr 2020, 12:07 pm IST
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We’ve all been working from home for over a month now. Naturally, this period of being cooped up at home for as long as we have been might make us feel a bit insane. And we blame the lack of freedom of movement for this! Even though work-from-home is non-negotiable, we ensure we stay sane during this time.

We’ve got Kuhoo Gupta, healer and founder of The K Junction, here with us to talk about the importance of staying positive and optimistic while working from home.

It is critical to maintain your mental well-being and immune system during this time, says Gupta. People with mental upheavals are prone and susceptible to various flu and inflammations, she adds. 

So instead of panicking and let the anxiety take on, Gupta suggests calming your mind and focusing on constructive and wellness activities, to find a path towards making ourselves more resilient while working from home.

staying sane while working from home
It time to take into account our sanity and productivity while working from home Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

You can start by making your workstation a more productive place, and for that Gupta shares these four tips:

  1. Create a positive workstation
    There should be a separate workstation so that you can concentrate while working from home. It would be great if the work desk is stationed somewhere near a window or a balcony door so that one can welcome sunlight, fresh air and a view of plants and birds during the day. 

Try to have an ergonomic setting of your table and chair so that you keep your posture right while working the whole day. Keeping one or two indoor plants near your work desk will help to make it interesting.

Keep your laptop charger wires and other stuff neatly on your desk to avoid overwhelming yourself. Motivation quotes around you will help to make you overall positive. Keep your notes diary and pen handy at your desk. It will always helps to keep some colorful artifacts around you to make the atmosphere a little cheerful.

2. While you’re at it, declutter your workstation
Avoid the pilling up files and unnecessary stationery at your workstation. Clutter is responsible for the confusion and problems all around and it leads to distraction; thus, a clean desk reflects power which enhances positivity and creates a tranquil workspace that will help your mind focus on productivity. 

It is important to declutter your work desk once in a few days because physical clutter translates to mental clutter.

3. Start your work day journalling what you are grateful for
It is a great morning practice to write at least five things you are grateful for. It helps to shift the focus from negative to positive, from scarcity to abundance. One can write gratitude statements on sticky notes and put them at the work daily. 

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This will raise the vibrations and help you stay grounded and positive. You can also compile affirmations and prayers that you resonate. Whenever you take work breaks, it is a good idea to read these.

4. Meditate, do pranayam and stay hydrated!
It is important to take short breaks to maintain productivity at work. Being summer, it is a good idea to get up for a water break once in 30 minutes at least. Even if you keep a water bottle alongside you, walking to the kitchen for water will help your physical body get some much-needed movement.

staying sane while working from home
Learn the art of working out in the comfort of your home. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Few iterations of square breathing once in two hours is a great way to boost your mind and body. Square breathing is basically the sequence of inhalation – holding breath – exhalation – holding breath – all for equal time spans. So you can count mentally 1 to 4 in inhalations, then again counting 1 to 4 as you hold your breath, and so on and so forth.

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You can also:
1. Dress up like you would do while going to the office so as to feel good in general

2. Go out on your terrace/balcony once or twice a day to get some fresh air, sunlight and hear birds chirping

3. Say yes to distractions rather than getting irritated from them, because you cannot avoid them while working from home, like the kids, TV sounds, kitchen sounds etc.

Even while quarantine life can make us feel insane, actively doing these actions can help us feel sane and mentally strong.

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