Do yourself a favour by forgiving others – here are 3 reasons why!

Forgetting someone is human, but forgiving someone is divine. Here is why you should practice the art of forgiveness.
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Team Health Shots Published: 9 Nov 2021, 10:00 am IST
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The journey of life comes with its ups and downs. For every person who loves you, there is another who hurts you. Losing peace of mind by dwelling on the wrong-doings of people won’t do you any good. Forgiving them might.

Clince Varghese, motivational speaker and anchor, says be it a heartbreak, sour friendships or family disputes – people need to navigate through several challenging moments in their lives. Sometimes, mere thoughts of these experiences make us comfortable. And sometimes it’s very difficult to forgive someone who may have done something wrong.

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But, Varghese says, “You will find that forgiveness is not only necessary for your own health and well being, but also for the sake of those around you.”

Forgiveness is a process, not a one-time event. But once you do it, it not only promotes your productivity but frees your power, and heals your body, mind and spirit.

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benefits of the conscious act of practicing forgiveness:
  1. Forgiving others empowers us

Just let it go…Take it easy, and learn to accept that you are stronger than you believe. Varghese explains, “By forgiving someone for their wrongdoings, we’re getting ourselves rid of all the pain and misery that we will go through for someone else’s thoughts, actions or words. Why take that additional stress? Being able to let go of pain opens new doors for opportunities and better things”.

  1. Forgiving others increases productivity and efficiency:

If you forgive someone else, it empowers us with tools of transformation, believes Varghese. He adds, “It helps us look at all challenges as an opportunity to grow and evolve. We are no longer dependent on extrinsic forces of motivation that we build by ourselves.” In a way, forgiveness sets you free. “Once you forgive, it completely transforms your perspective and releases the heaviness you feel in your heart. You get to walk into freedom, thereby evolving everything around you, especially your peace of mind”.

  1. Forgiving others boosts our mental well-being:

Choosing to hold on to that hurt, that bitterness, that fear and forgiveness – it’s like letting what hurt you, infect everything else. “When we forgive someone else, we take the responsibility of bringing about a change in our own lives through our thoughts, words and actions,” Varghese said.

Forgiveness is the opposite of weakness; it is humanity, strength, and grace intertwined. So, practice it often, dear ladies, and let bygones be bygones.

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