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Did you know being generous can be good for your mental health?

Updated on:2 October 2020, 20:10pm IST
People often associate generosity with societal good. But being generous can also help your mental and physical well-being. Here’s how.
Dr Ishita Mukerji
Being generous can benefit your relationships and mental well-being. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Do you think you are happy? Do you feel giving away money is a source of happiness? What motivates this outpouring of good will?

Individuals demonstrate generosity in different ways—some do it by giving money or volunteering, others show kindness towards the ones they love, by compromising their own space or even by donating an organ. 

The more guided you are throughout your everyday life, the more liberal you probably are going to be.

Humans are an unpredictable species. We are naturally selfish and aggressive, while few researches also show that generosity runs deep within us. Generosity is giving more than is normal. From one viewpoint, it is a manner or spiritual direction that guides our expressions of love to think about others. 

It is additionally a deed by which people devote monetary resources, in-kind endowments, or personal services for the consideration of others. 

The many benefits of being generous
Numerous studies highlight the benefits of being liberal. Giving social help regardless of time, exertion, or merchandise is related with better well-being. When you chip-in towards some positive work, it instantly uplifts your self-esteem and emotional state.

Creating a space for someone who might be need your help. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Generosity seems to have a particularly solid relationship with mental wellbeing and prosperity
Small acts of kindness like picking up an object for another person that they have dropped will make the person feel happy.

It is also connected with benefits in the working environment, for example, diminishing the probability of employment burnout and seeing someone, where it is related with more noteworthy happiness.

Generosity towards others has been noticed to help smooth over “social commotion” and it can help in expanding social trust. It also increases satisfaction with life and has even shown positive impact on physical health

Moreover, generosity improves our relationship with people around us. The more we give selflessly in our relations, the stronger foundations we make. 

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All in all, generosity is a scholarly character that includes both demeanor and activity—involving both a tendency to and a genuine act of giving generously. “By giving ourselves away, we flourish!

Dr Ishita Mukerji Dr Ishita Mukerji

She is a senior psychologist at Kaleidoscope, a mental wellness centre part of Dr. Bakshi''s Healthcare. She is a Silver Medalist and Ph.D Psychology from Amity University. She gathered rich experience in the field while working with prestigious organizations and institutions such as schools, hospitals, clinics and Corporates and has more than 9 years of experience in the field of relationship counselling, marriage counselling, family counselling, geriatric counselling, child counselling, life skill training, employee wellness training and building psychology based programs. She has published 6 psychological research papers at both Indian and international conferences and journals.