Have you tried swinging away your stress? It helps!

We may go and sit on a swing for fun once in a while, but once you know the benefits of swinging, you may end up doing it often!
Swinging has benefits you may not have known about.
Swinging has benefits you may not have known about. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shalini Pandey Published: 5 Aug 2022, 19:56 pm IST
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The month of Sawan means raindrops, having fun with friends, chaat-pakodi and with no doubt, the swings of sawan. With the onset on festivity, there is neither age limit nor any other concern regarding the joy of swinging. It is universal. We all must have childhood memories attached to the fun of swinging with friends. But do you know that swinging is not only beneficial for your physical but also mental health too. Let us know the benefits of swinging.

Improvement in health should begin with exercise. Getting enough exercise throughout the week can help with both physical and mental health. Swinging is not just an exercise, but it also keeps you away from depression and anxiety.

Here are some health benefits of swinging

1. Improves balance and core strength

Research says if you want to lead a healthy life, try swings for exercise. Swinging requires balance and core strength. The core needs to be strong and stable to balance the body. The arms need to be kept straight to bend, stretch and hold the sides firmly for the support. All this contributes to better physical health.

Swinging health benefits
Swing your worries away! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. One hour of swinging burns calories

A full hour of swinging can be enough for an average-sized person to burn at least 200 calories. If you want, you can enjoy swinging while listening to your favorite number on your headphones. Yes, even music can improve mental health.

3. Stress relief

One of the biggest problems in many people’s lives today is stress. If the thought itself of being on a hammock on a beach side takes the stress away from your mind, think about how you will feel when you’re actually there! Take a few minutes to swing by and think about how to free your mind. Close your eyes and tilt your head back to enjoy the moment. It will help you improve your state of mind and reduce stress.

Swinging reduces stress
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4. Helps you make social connections

The fun of swinging with everyone in the group is something that you can’t cherish by doing anything else. Dear ladies, you don’t have to swing alone. Go to a nearby park with a friend or a partner and enjoy each other’s company while swinging together. Try to see who can go higher, or just casually swing by and have a conversation.

Swinging is another way to improve your mental health and mood. Connecting with another person in a healthy way helps to uplift your mood and keep stress at bay.

This Sawan or monsoon season, you too can start swinging and experience better health in just no time.

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