4 reasons to take the family vacation you’ve been putting off for work

Have you been procrastinating a family vacation? Go ahead and take it, because the bonding may be just the stress-buster you need!
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Team Health Shots Published: 7 Sep 2022, 23:05 pm IST
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When life and work start to feel like a routine, one often starts to plan and think of taking a break and travelling to some place. Maybe it’s a new place waiting to be explored, or a place that feels home away from home. We all look at our comfort factor for everything, especially for a vacation. A family vacation can especially be stress-relieving as it is a group where one can easily let all guards down and regain a sense of belonging.

Planning a long-pending vacay to a destination of everyone’s choice, may involve a little bit of stress, but trust us, there are definite psychological benefits of family vacations!

Here are some benefits of family vacation

Empowerment coach Jagriti Kajaria shares some reasons why a family vacation can have mental health benefits.

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1. A family vacation fosters bonding

Such holidays help us realize how deeply we are attached to these people. We tend to realize the commonalities more in a different environment. As we go through such family vacations, we rekindle memories and the importance of
every experience which we relive with these people as family.

2. Stress reduction

The average family’s lifestyle generally cuts into family time. Many parents spend their time shuttling with their children from one event to the next, whether it’s tutoring, sports, music lessons, or other extra-curricular activities. When we take some time off work, it can help reduce our kids’ stress levels as well, and bring families closer right from the planning stage.

3. Enjoyment with a free mind

Such times help us be free from all assumptions, presumptions, duties, and roles of life. This decluttered mindspace brings out joy, happiness and bliss. Attempts at self-reflections are easier as is the process of breaking walls and building bridges of love, understanding and acceptance of physical, mental, emotional, and look at spiritual bonds.

4. Family vacation is about sharing and caring

A good tip would be to decide on two or three things that you’d like to work on throughout your time away. Often, a family vacation is about sharing your experiences. Going on a holiday is the perfect time to gather with loved ones, sharing stories that ignite laughter and good cheer. Engaging in these precious moments with family and friends is not only enjoyable, but it’s also beneficial to our health.

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While not everyone is able to take a break or an extended family vacation, even a short respite can be restorative. Your travel plans can be quick getaways or staycations. They don’t have to be expensive or exotic for you to get the most from your trip. Safe travels!

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