Become a happier you by including these 8 activities in your daily routine

Your happiness in your own hands. Make every day happier by including these activities in your life.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 17 Feb 2021, 19:22 pm IST
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Being happy is not about your job, degree, success, or relationship. While all these things do bring in a lot of joy, sustainable happiness comes from within. So, if you are seeking contentment in life—you need to make happiness your priority and focus on your growth. 

How can you do that? Well, here are eight activities that you can do everyday that can factor in some stress-free time and find happiness:

1. Laughter therapy

Consider laughter therapy as a natural medicine that can make your stress hormones disappear and improve your mood. Because even when you laugh voluntarily, your body releases happy hormones. 

2. Watch the sun rise or set

What can be more beautiful than watching the sun rise or set? This vista can also help you feel more connected to yourself. According to a study from the University of California at Berkeley, watching sunsets can improve your emotional well-being.

3. Listen to a song you love!

We all know how good music can give us the chills. But this activity can also release the feel-good hormone dopamine. Not to mention, peppy beats can completely turn a frown upside down.

4. Plan a trip, even if you can’t take a vacation

Instead of heading towards the mall, travel to a new destination as it can truly make you a happier person. Research shows that people who have a vacation or travel planned are substantially happier.

5. Make note of the things you are grateful for

Be grateful for what you have in life. Take a few minutes everyday to write down two to three positive events you are thankful for. This practice helps you to focus on positive things throughout the day rather than fixating on the negative. 

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6. Help someone

Feeling down? Helping others—unplanned or voluntary—can boost your happiness. A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that helping others gives us higher life satisfaction.

7. Think about your loved ones

Feeling low? Just think of all the good times you’ve shared with family and friends. This will immediately take you out of the negativity you are experiencing and focus on something positive. 

8. Exercise!

Exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, and adrenaline—all hormones associated with happiness. You can do jumping jacks, running, and push-ups to seek mental bliss.

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