Are you single? Here are the top 3 self-dating tips just for you

If you are single and lamenting over what’s wrong with your life, especially with Valentine’s Day round the corner, stop!
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Love does not just mean a romantic relationship with your partner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Devina Kaur Updated: 12 Feb 2022, 00:00 am IST
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“How vital is self-love?” you might wonder. Self-love may appear to many of us as a privilege rather than a necessity. Ironically, those of us who work excessively and are continually attempting to excel may require the most self-care and compassion. Self-love also paves the way to a positive mindset, which is an essential ingredient for success in life and for mental well-being.

Learning to love yourself also reduces stress, lessens procrastination, and makes you more focused at work. Singles and couples alike appear to experience a variety of feelings around Valentine’s Day, whether it be the fear of a shrunken wallet in an effort to survive up to a date’s expectations, regret over a broken romance, or worry of spending the day alone.

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Love yourself and indulge in self care! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Know yourself better

Go on dates with yourself. Visit places you appreciate and do activities you enjoy. Discover yourself, and use this time to know yourself better. Search through your closet for that magnificent gown you’ve been saving for a special occasion and wear it. Always remember that you are the star of your own show. Self-dating could include spending a few hours at a bookstore or signing up for cooking classes away from the distractions of the outside world. It entails unconditional love for oneself. Keep in mind that the path to greater self-love is love itself.

2. Radical self-acceptance

“Lack of ambition” is a non-existent concept. It’s actually a lack of self-awareness. Being single is a gift and this time allows you to devote your entire attention to becoming a stronger and braver version of yourself. This self-awareness and working on your spiritual confidence will help you in many aspects of your life, not just romantic ones.

Reconnect with your inner desires, get to know and then practice radical self-acceptance, and spend energy on the things that make you happy, fulfilled, and cared for. What could be better than having a lovely day when everyone else is worrying about what to purchase their significant other? Valentine’s Day will soon be known as self-love day, which is described as “the day you really promise to prioritize yourself.”

3. Meditate or masturbate

The exploration of your body and what feels good for you is an important part of learning and experiencing self-love. By claiming control of your pleasure and what you want to acquire from your body, you are establishing your right to what you truly desire. We reaffirm body positivity by investigating our bodies, our sensuality, our sexuality, and this allows us to create a sense of understanding about holistic health encompassing self-love, beauty, and most importantly inner spiritual confidence. It’s okay to masturbate, it’s okay to meditate, either way, the goal is to find yourself.

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Masturbate or meditate, both will calm your mind! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Whether you are single by choice or circumstances, remember that the best relationship you will ever have is with yourself. There is power in being single so take the time to understand, acknowledge and respect your own needs. Invest in your own health be it mental, physical, spiritual, or sexual and watch how your sexy brilliance grows.

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