A victim of body shaming? Here are 3 ways to deal with haters

Body shaming has always existed, and is a societal evil in more ways than one. Most people don’t understand but it affects our mental and emotional state. Here’s how you can deal with body shamers.
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Devina Kaur Updated: 30 May 2022, 23:45 pm IST
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We are often called derogatory terms regarding our weight — it could be anything from fat, obese, anorexic, flabby or skinny. I’m sure most of us have faced body shamers throughout our lives. Believing the notion that ‘you are beautiful in your own way’ is not always easy when those body shamers make a point of bringing you down. Remember, often others choose to bring us down because they lack something within themselves. 

Our beauty standards should come from within and I encourage us all to love ourselves no matter what the world thinks or says. Perhaps the most criticism about your body comes from your closest friends, colleagues and the community you live in. Body shaming has a way of negatively affecting our self esteem and has been known to lead to mental and eating disorders that ultimately lead to more serious repercussions. 

I couldn’t believe it when I was fat shamed so much for my pictures online of me on a horse. It was unbelievable! I don’t understand how people have time to spend shaming others for how they look! In case you don’t know me, I have struggled with my weight all my life, and have had mental and emotional issues including bulimia.

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Here’s how body shaming manifests 

Body shaming is expressed on many outlets i.e. online bullying where strangers offer criticism in the  comments about the way you look after you’ve posted pictures. Oftentimes, the shaming isn’t always about our body size, but may include factors such as our height, skin colour or any physical aspect of yourself that is a representation of your unique self. Body shamers attack our physical attributes but fail to recognise how deeply it impacts our mental and emotional states. That is why it is important to understand how to deal with body shamers without having to stoop to their level of bullying. Rising above the hate allows you to have a sense of compassion which gives you the strength to forgive others and still love them regardless of their wrongdoing. Here are 3 crucial tips that will help you deal with body shamers:

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1. Fight hate with love

It’s very easy to get caught up in other people’s web of negativity. You are above what the world says or thinks about you. Fight the hate you receive with love by showing compassion to those who don’t find value in themselves and feel the need to bring others down. Forgive those who turn against you and send love as well as light to those who need it. Life is too short to hate but there’s plenty of room for us all to empower each other with kindness, compassion and love.

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2. Always be authentic

Remember that who you are on the inside is what really matters. Do men and women get judged and shamed for their body sizes? Being authentic is your own super power and authenticity comes from intense and continuous self-study and self-knowledge. That means knowing your good side, but also knowing your not-so-good side. Remember no part of you is your enemy. Once we know both our sides, we will be able to practice radical self-acceptance and only then can our true inner power shine. When we practice self-acceptance we can also accept others without judgement.

3. Embrace positivity

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Being mindful means being in the present moment with your body and mind. It’s a divine energy that carries within a happiness that we all yearn to express in our lives. When we learn to let go of our own insecurities, we say ‘yes’ to a mindfulness that instills power, peace, compassion, forgiveness and love. We illuminate true beauty that goes beyond the world’s expectations of who we should be. We inspire others around us as they share in our vulnerabilities that we were told to hide.

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