6 women share the best mental health advice received by them

Not all advice needs to be taken seriously, but you also can’t let go of those that can change your life for the best.
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Good mental health advice can literally help you blossom. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 20 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST
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We live in a world of opinions. From news channel anchors to gully ki aunties – everyone has something to say. These opinions or pieces of advice play a really important role in shaping or conditioning your mental health. Of course, you don’t have to abide by every mental health advice you come across. You need to be picky not just about the advice, but the person as well who is sharing these tips with you.

There are people who are thankful to their friends, families, colleagues, and in fact, strangers too, who have made a difference in their lives with that one meaningful piece of advice. Come, let’s see what these are. They could help you too!

6 women share their all-time favourite piece of advice around mental health

Ritika, 29 – You are your best bud!

“I have always been one of those who would easily trust people and invest so much in them that I would become mentally and emotionally dependent. I would get so involved that I couldn’t even see if they weren’t as close to me, and this made me feel miserable at times. I would break down emotionally and lock myself up in a room. But thanks to my elder sister, who came to my rescue. She made me sit down with my favourite cold coffee and told me, “see Ritika, you know yourself the best and tu hi apni best friend hai. Don’t be dependent on anyone else for your happiness. From that day until now, I’ve been following this tip and it has actually helped me quite a bit. I’m less anxious and the FOMO has also reduced. I mean I just can’t thank my sister enough for this tip.”

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Mental health matters to everyone! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Aakriti, 32 – Learn to say NO!

“Being a yes ma’am, yes sir person, is very hard because people like us put everyone else before us. It would be so exhausting, kyuki dusro ko koi faraq nahi padta, when they get what they want. But literally, it made me so temperamental and my mood swings reached another level because I was busy in my life doing things for others. That’s because mujhe no bolna nahi aata. Thanks to my husband, who taught me the power of saying no. This made me a calmer person and I think I have also become more bearable (laughs).”

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Chhavi, 28 – Make yourself your priority

“It wasn’t like I was not my priority, but when it came to others, I would give them the reins (in my case unknowingly). Maybe I’m a little gullible, that’s why people manipulate me and I think that this is under control today. After some time, I observed certain behavioural changes within me, and I wasn’t really happy about them, because what they were turning me into someone I wasn’t. Hence, after a lot of introspection, I decided that instead of passing the reins onto another’s hands, I will take charge and this time, I will truly make myself a priority. I’m on it and things are starting to get better. I think I will definitely reach my goal soon.”

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Love yourself and indulge in self-care! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Roohi, 33 – Be realistic!

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“I think yeh problem sirf meri nahi hai but most of us have it. We set such high goals for ourselves, and when they aren’t achieved, we sulk. But when a dear friend of mine shared her funda of making smaller goals, achieving them, and celebrating them too – it completely blew my mind. And in literal ways, I tried to follow this tip, and trust me it really works.”

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Gunjan, 38 – Step out of your comfort zone!

“I would always look up to my friends who are moving at a very fast pace in life, both personally and professionally. But I would forget all the effort they are making. This literally made me believe that my life is good for nothing and I will be left behind in the race of life. One day, my mom sat with me when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and of course, cribbing about the cool lives of others – she told me that I need to make an extra effort to live the life I want. It isn’t necessary that I have a well-paid job, but I need to make an effort to make myself happy and if I’ll be in my comfort zone all the time, it will never happen.”

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Trying a new thing can be liberating. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Preeta, 27 – Break the monotony!

“Home-office-home-office – this was my routine for almost 4 years. I never realized that there is more to my life. But thanks to Covid, I got to know how short life can be. Being stuck at home made me realize the importance of time. The moment I got an opportunity, I literally packed my bags and went to Rishikesh for a short and sweet solo trip. I met a girl over there that runs her own café. She looked so carefree to me and I wanted to be her. I was so mesmerized that I went and talked to her. And I still remember what she said to me, “Girl, life is too short and there is no point in living it in boredom. Just break the monotony and try to live every second”. Her words still reverberate in my mind and I’m literally making all the efforts to live my life to the fullest.”

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