Here’s how having a clean room can make you happy

Keeping your surroundings clean is not just good manners, it can uplift your mood and make you happy.
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What you see can make you happy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Updated: 6 Jul 2022, 08:54 am IST
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Each and every human being on this planet is on a quest to find happiness. Whether we indulge in spiritual practices, form intimate relationships, spend time with our loved ones or as simple as watch a movie, these are all ways to cope with a difficult situation and find our way towards happiness, and why shouldn’t we. Happiness is a feeling that makes our stress go away and helps us to be in a state of bliss. It is natural to crave for such a peaceful state of mind. So, what if we told you that a thing as simple as having a clean room can actually make you very happy.

When Health Shots spoke to Dr. Prerna Kohli, a clinical psychologist, she talked about how our sense of vision can lead us to be happy. Seeing good, clean and beautiful things, or even imagining them, can make us happy. The expert went on to explain that working in clean surroundings can be a major reason for being in a state of bliss. There is a reason why people who work from home pack up their laptops and set up shop in the mountains because seeing scenic beauty and a clean environment will make your mood enhance and hence, increase your productivity.

Studies have shown that the people are happiest in moments when they are spending intimate moments with their partners or are exercising because during these moments, endorphins are being released. But the next three types of moments when people recorded the highest levels of happiness were all related to beauty, that is, when they were looking at a theater, ballet or a painting. “Emotional reactions can be guided by sensory information,” says Prerna.

According to Dr Kohli, here’s how to be happy through the sense of vision and by having clean, good habits:

1. Find a soothing place to look at

Find a place that you find beautiful and can spend some time at. It could be a park filled with flowers, birds, ponds, etc. or it could be a balcony that you have decorated with chairs, cushions and lights of your own choice.

2. Decorate your room

Keep your room clean and tidy. It should not be a messy room with garbage overflowing from the can, bedsheets and pillows messed up or books and other stuff spread out on the bed. The place you sleep at should be clean and you can even decorate it according to your aesthetics.

clean room
Declutter your surroundings to uplift your mood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Hang paintings

You can hang some paintings on your bedroom wall, so you can appreciate them. It would be even better if your paintings are done by yourself. When you put up work in making your own paintings then it will make you feel even more safe and happier because of the labour you have put in.

4. Take photos

You can take pictures of places or people you love on your phone and look at those happy memories and moments to uplift your mood. You can also get them framed and hang them around in your house.

5. Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself doesn’t always mean that you have to keep up with the beauty standards of the world, but you can have your own way of looking after yourself. Keep yourself clean and keep changing your styles to feel good about yourself as that can make you happy.

pamper yourself
Pamper yourself to feel happy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

It is important to remember that if you give happiness, then you receive happiness, so compliment the person, situation or thing that pleases your eyes and be grateful for the beauty in this world.

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