Weekend wish list: 5 things to help you de-stress like a boss lady!

It's a long weekend and you could do with some wholesome ideas to reduce stress after a hectic week of work! Let us tell you what to do.
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Devina Kaur Published: 15 Apr 2022, 12:30 pm IST
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We all want to spend our weekend for some much deserved downtime away from our normal Monday to Friday. Getting some quality sleep and a hot shower sounds just wonderful as ideas to reduce stress, too. But with so many weekend ideas to entertain ourselves with, how do we choose what to spend our spiritual energy on?

Even after reading a good book, watching a funny movie, or spending some time with a friend or family, it is easy to get distracted and forget about your wish list. When you make plans ahead of time, it gets easier to remember what you want to focus your time on.

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Conscious planning of weekend ideas allows you to decide what exactly you want to focus your energy on, and how to reduce stress levels. It also enables you to take the necessary steps in order so that you can enjoy yourself. For example, if you visit the zoo on Saturday morning, why not plan on making a picnic lunch beforehand. This way, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal while sitting down in the wild and listening to the various animal noises. Yes, it takes some planning but what joy it can bring to you to eat in nature at a safe space like a zoo! Whatever we desire, can be obtained by planning and present moment awareness. Especially, if you could make your dream weekend come true simply by being mindful of wish lists!

Here are 5 weekend ideas to reduce stress:

1. Silence and stillness:

Prayer or meditation is a practice related to spirituality, and meditation is more of a mindfulness exercise of breathing and focusing on how you feel from the inside out. But the concept of both is to focus on the present moment and achieve tranquility. If you spend time with yourself meditating or praying, you make a conscious effort to feel grateful and humble. Practicing gratitude will make your life more meaningful. Sleep is another important ingredient in this list as getting enough sleep will help you feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful. Our spiritual confidence grows when we listen to our inner sexy brilliant voice in stillness and silence. Yes, silence reduces stress.

2. Inner child joy:

Take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Reading a book or playing games with the children, laughing and exchanging stories with your grandparents and seniors can do wonders for you if you want to reduce stress in your life. It will also strengthen the bonds of family and kinship, which many of us have been deprived off due to the ongoing pandemic. Connecting with your inner child adds joy and slows down the aging process, and is one of the most fun weekend ideas that you can facilitate.

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3. Playtime:

What is more fun than playing or spending time with your loved one? Playing is a great way to get rid of stress, reduce tension and enjoy life to the fullest. So, whether you are alone with yourself or with your partner, play games together, have solo sex or make passionate love with your partner. Use sexual pleasure to form a new connection in your playtime.

4. Preparing for the week ahead:

This may sound like a chore, but it is a great way to relax and enjoy oneself. Cooking, cleaning, and organizing are all great weekend ideas and activities that allow us to reduce stress as well as bring mindfulness to our everyday routines. A simple walk in the park will do wonders for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Proper planning is a sure-shot way to reduce stress.

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You can plan ahead and reduce stress! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Make Sunday the first day of the week:

Many of us make Sunday the last day of the week. We work hard all week, and on Sunday, we feel too tired to do anything. Make a conscious effort to start your week on Sundays, by being productive and organized. That way it will be easier to go into your work week with less of a sense of burden and in a more relaxed and open state of mind.

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How to make your weekend fulfilling

When we take time to do the things that give us joy and feel relaxed, we get a chance to recharge and start the next week with a fresh mindset. We should also have time for our hobbies, family and friends, and for a well-deserved rest. It all starts with self-knowledge and the awareness of what you need in every given moment.

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