Often feel like you’re not present enough ? These 5 tips on becoming more mindful can fix that for you

If life is passing you by in a rush and you can’t recollect what happened 10 minutes ago, then it’s time to become more mindful. Here are five ways to practise mindfulness.
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Team Health Shots Updated: 11 May 2021, 00:43 am IST
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It is already the first quarter of 2020. Do you remember every single event that happened this month? Or do you feel like you have lost track of time? There might be times when you struggle to remember what you had for breakfast or how you spent most of your day or the ingredients you added to the pasta you were just cooking. These are signs that you are not living the moment, you are only rushing through your life. 

Having said that, the medication you need to be prescribed is mindfulness. But how can you achieve mindfulness? Here is a guide to help you go about it:

1. Be conscious and aware
There are two benefits you get when you practise this: you can enjoy and be in the moment, and you will be more aware of the whole sequence of your work duration which will help you recollect events better.
Each time you find your mind starting to wander around, bring it back to the task at hand. This might sound as simple as swallowing your food, but it is only practice that helps you nail this habit.

2. Slowing down to speed up
According to a survey, only seven per cent of workers feel most productive during regular work hours. You see, your body needs replenishing time and rest is the only way in which you can provide it with ample chance to rewire.
Take your time for giving yourself the much-needed rest. Take a stroll between your office hours, pause, focus, and listen to what your body says.

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3. Express gratitude
According to various studies expressing and feeling gratitude has a positive influence on our health and emotions. As you start reflecting and taking pauses to feel the things that are progressing in your life, you invariably find the need to be grateful to everything that you have.
Thank your stars and the light in your life for enabling you to do even mundane tasks like having a shower. Being grateful for having the small things in life is what makes you feel the abundance.

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4. Re-align your goals as you progress
If you have reached this phase in your life, then congratulations, you are towards achieving your goal. You have already started being mindful by now, you are giving rest for your body to get back in full swing, you have been thinking for this process.
Now, what next? Re-align your goals. Staying in a calmer state of mind helps you focus better. And then, you will invariably start changing your habits which will bring you down to analyzing what is right and wrong, required, and non-essential. This way you are narrowing down your path and progressing towards achieving your goals–it could be professional or personal.

5. Meditate in your own way
Meditation is key! However, you cannot master the art of meditation when your head is preoccupied. Start by practicing deep inhalation and exhalation. The more you practice this, the more beneficial it is.

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It is imperative to know where to begin. Once you have figured the starting point, the finish line is never too far!

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