5 ways to increase employee happiness and productivity

Happy employees are a must for any business to work. So, take out some time and plan happiness activities to make your employees feel positive and cheerful.
Happy employees are more productive
Happy employees are more productive, says study. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 10 Apr 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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If you are your own boss, you must be working hard on making your company successful. It’s good to put in hard work and creative ideas into your business. But don’t forget your employees. It turns out that happy employees are more productive. Giving them a salary raise is of course one way to do that, but why not take out some time and plan happiness activities for your employees?

Health Shots connected with psychologist Dr Malini Saba, who says that happiness in the workplace is gaining prominence as more organisations understand its value. Even a 2019 study by University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School deduced that happier employees had a faster working speed as well as efficiency.

When you create a culture of joy and optimism, it positively influences employees. Giving your employees the opportunities to craft a work-life balance that feels comfortable for them is just one of the many ways to keep them happy.

happiness activities at workplace
Plan happiness activities at workplace for healthy work environment. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Happiness activity in workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a major shift in working styles, and now employees are looking for jobs that align with their values. So, building a company environment where work is fulfilling, is important. This is where happiness activities step in to improve employee well-being, resilience and work-life balance, says Dr Saba. Any collaborative activity that promotes factors that enable people, organisations and communities to thrive, is a happiness activity.

Tips to keep employees happy, productive and motivated

Friendships at workplace can make employees happy, but it’s all up to them whom they want to be friends with. Happiness activities is your domain, and they have even become an integral part of many company work cultures. This is because the world today poses tough challenges such as inflation, health concerns and even war-like situations. It is important to look into positive psychology and build a safe and happy work environment, notes the expert. This in turn helps in achieving collaborative professional and personal growth. Here’s what you can do as an empathetic and responsible boss!

1. Plan team games

Games are a great way to bring the entire workforce together, says Dr Saba. They also help in improving communication and collaboration among team members, resulting in better decision-making and problem-solving. Gaming activities and healthy competitions help leaders develop a more resilient and adaptable workforce, one which is better equipped to navigate change and uncertainty.

2. Recognition during meetings

We are all looking for a pat on the back. Meetings or activities that specifically recognise talent and good work go a long way in building a positive environment at work. This makes employees happy and boosts their performance and motivation.

3. Provide learning opportunities

Broaden and build your employee strengths. Encouraging a learning environment and providing higher learning opportunities promote novel thoughts and responses. This also boosts long-term well-being and success, as well as reduces employee burnout.

4. Celebrations

Celebrate your employees and their important days like birthdays and anniversaries. The connections we form with our colleagues is what increases the happiness quotient. Being a part of each other’s experiences makes the team more supportive and willing to contribute to the team.

happiness activities at workplace
Have a pet day at work. Image courtesy: Freepik

5. Have a pet day at office

Pet owners would know that having a furry friend has many benefits. If your office is dog or cat-friendly and spacious enough, you can have a pet day at least once a week or a month. It will work as a great stress-buster and make employees happy.

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Happiness activities boost a sense of purpose and belonging. When we feel a part of something, we work towards collaborative goals!

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