Feeling sad or low for no reason? Here’s how to boost your mood

Sad for no reason? Use these expert-suggested tips to life your mood and move towards a happier you
Tips to boost your mood
Boost your mood with these valuable tips for life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Published: 17 Jun 2023, 04:30 pm IST
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There are days when you wake up feeling low or sad, but don’t know why. Understand that having a feeling of mood swings is not always your fault. A low mood could be a result of anything from depression, and anxiety to hormonal imbalance, trauma, or grief to name a few. However, there are many ways to boost your mood and spruce up your energy levels even if you can’t comprehend the reason behind your sadness.

Health Shots got in touch with clinical psychologist Dr Kamna Chhibber to understand ways to boost your mood.

5 tips to boost your mood naturally

The best way to work your way through your topsy-turvy emotions is to sit with them, embrace them and work your way around them. Bear in mind the transitory nature of the emotions, and practise detachment with them. They are temporary and will pass soon.

lift your mood
Follow these tips to overcome sadness that has no reason. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

The expert suggests certain tips that will help you move towards happiness more effectively.

1. Never lose sight of all that is good about the day

You woke up to another beautiful day and got a chance to get closer to becoming the best version of yourself. Isn’t that magical? Of course, it is. You should acknowledge gratitude for that, and make the most of this day to get the best out of it. You have work, friends, and family to support you. So, when your mind is fogged because of all the negativity, take a moment to hit pause, breathe and clear out that haze to see the larger picture of life. Only a calm mind can take notice of all that is good.

“Keep reminding yourself of the good that is in the day,” says the expert.

2. Reflect on the goodness of life

No matter what life throws at us, there will always be an abundance of good things in life over the bad ones. We just need to shift our focus and bring about some positive mindset changes to reflect on the goodness of life. The expert says, “Reflect on the goodness of the life you have had – experiences, people, opportunities, and achievements.”

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3. Disengage from the negative thought process

Practice distraction or mindfulness techniques to disengage from the negative thought process and stop engaging with it and let it deepen. The major issue with most of us is that we start identifying with our emotions and get too attached to them. Mindfulness is the key to bringing your attention and love to the present moment. It will lead to less anxiety and a calm mind.

lift your mood
Mindfulness will help you stay sane! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Indulge in activities that bring you joy

“Activate yourself to do an activity that you usually enjoy and find pleasurable,” reckons the expert. When you are in a state of sadness or low mood, doing some bodily activity will shake you out of immobility and release the feel-good hormones in the body. Any form of physical activity, a walk in nature, skipping a rope, swimming, or yoga will lower your stress levels.

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5. Reach out to your loved ones for help

“Reach out to a friend or family member and have conversations that can shift your focus from the current mood,” says the expert. Your loved one will never shy away from helping you get out of the negativity rut. So, voice out your concern, and take help.

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