Experience marital bliss with these 5 simple everyday habits

Having a happy married life is not all that tough! You can have a healthy relationship if you follow some simple rules
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Husain Minawala Published: 30 Oct 2022, 15:00 pm IST
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Every couple should aim to improve their married partnership by developing happy behaviours. It entails concentrating your time, efforts and resources on creating straightforward but practical marital practices. So, here are some tips for a healthy and happy married life.

Creating productive habits with your partner need not imply that your relationship is in trouble or that you are admitting defeat. You may simply want to enhance your already successful marriage. Whether your marriage is experiencing difficulties or seems stable, creating simple, effective routines with your spouse will help you create a union that thrives rather than just survives.

A successful, fulfilling marriage is created day-by-day through precise expressions of love for one’s spouse in words and deeds. The good news is that everyone can learn the straightforward yet powerful routines that can be used every day to build a gratifying marriage!

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5 relationship tips for a happy married life

1. Apologise and forgive

A happy marriage is built on forgiveness. Couples frequently have unpleasant marriages if these three steps are not taken: repentance, apology and forgiveness. There are three steps that must be taken in order to apologise and forgive. The first step is to apologise for any unpleasant remarks or poor behaviour. The second step is the most crucial and calls for humility. A spouse should never be afraid to seek for forgiveness. The third step requires bravery and entails saying, “I forgive you”. Here are some tips on how to forgive! Remember, the future of a marriage is typically not a problem for a relationship when both partners are capable of confessing, apologising, and forgiving.

2. Stay in love

Most dating couples are great at the ‘3 Ts’: time spent together, time spent talking, and time spent touching (hug and kissing). The 3 Ts are almost always lacking in unhappy relationships. Spouses have the privilege of performing these every day to improve an unhappy marriage. A 10-second hug, a 10-second kiss (benefits of kissing), and a 10-minute eye-to-eye conversation are known as the Three 10s. This is one of the important tips for couples.

3. Practice important daily routines

Saying “Goodbye, I love you” before leaving home or “Goodnight, I love you” before falling asleep ensures expression of love. Avoid making constant corrections and criticisms. Every day, the first five minutes must be constructive without any corrections, reproaches or complaints. A stress-free, uplifting first five minutes cultivates a positive mind-set.

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4. Disciplinary disagreement conversations

Couples should only have serious or tense conversations between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Feelings are more delicate in the morning or at night. Lack of energy among couples frequently results in arguments rather than conversations that focus on solutions. A terrible relationship will frequently end horribly. Bitter feelings frequently result from confrontational arguments, which is a primary indicator of an unhappy marriage. The ideal opening sentence is “I need your help”.

5. For financial purchases, use three ‘Ds’

Spending that is carelessly or impulsively made is one of the main causes of unhappy marriages. The three ‘Ds’— disclose, discuss, and decide—have assisted thousands of spouses in resolving this problematic marital issue.

Hope you’re able to approach your relationship in a better way and work towards a happy married life!

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