5 ways how spirituality can make you healthier

Know all about the key benefits of spirituality and how it can help you lead a healthier and happier life, free of suffering and fear.
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These are the benefits of spirituality that you can reap. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
AiR-Atman in Ravi Published: 17 Feb 2022, 11:15 am IST
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Spirituality is the science of the Spirit. It is the ability to realize that we are not the body that suffers the physical pain; not the mind that lives with fear and worry; not the ego that suffers agony of anger, hate, revenge, and jealousy. Therefore, when one goes on the path of spirituality, one is liberated from this triple suffering that makes us suffer. Obviously, it makes us healthier, happier and more peaceful. Come, know all about the benefits of spirituality.

If one has to list out five specific ways of how spirituality can make us healthy, here they are.

spirituality benefits
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Benefits of spirituality:

1. Understand that we are not the body

We are not the body. The body will constantly experience pain and suffering in this world. Who does not experience a bone fracture, disease and a disorder? As long as we think we are the body, we are bound to suffer the physical pain. It is spirituality that makes us realize that we are not the body that suffers, we are the Divine Spirit. So, the first benefit of spirituality is that is makes us able to attain liberation from the triple suffering of the body, mind and ego.

2. Live without fear

The second specific way how spirituality can make us happy and healthy is to realize that we are not the mind. Today the world is full of hospitals and treatments for Mental Health. People are suffering depression, anxiety, and even thinking about committing suicide. This is because the mind lives with fear and worry and therefore we are unable to live a life of bliss and peace. But when we become spiritual, then we realize that we are not the mind. Those seeking spirituality realize that when we try to find the mind, where it is, we cannot find.

3. Go beyond ego

The third benefit of spirituality is transcending the ego. As long as we live with ego, we are going to suffer with anger, hate, revenge, and jealousy. And it is spirituality that liberates as from this agony. Ego can affect your life. Therefore, when we realize that we are the Divine Spirit, we realize that we are not the one who says, ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘mine’.

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Get rid of the ‘I, me, myself’ factor from your life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Feel powerful

The fourth benefit of spirituality is living as the Divine Spirit, the Soul. This realization makes us experience the Divine within. We feel powerful because we realize that we are the supreme immortal power. We are birthless and deathless. Spirituality makes us realize that we are a manifestation of the Divine.

5. Liberation

The fifth and most important benefit of spirituality is to make us happier and healthier by being liberated from the constant cycle of death and rebirth which will make us return to earth again and again and to suffer. Not only do we get freedom from suffering on earth, we also get liberation from rebirth.

The last word

The simple thought that spirituality will liberate us from misery and from rebirth is enough to make our life peaceful and blissful.

Unfortunately, spirituality is not understood by most of the world and we are chasing ways to be happy and healthy when in reality spirituality is the one solution.

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