Health and happiness: 3 women share their wellness mantras for 2022

Covid-19 has brought a renewed attention towards health and wellness in people's lives. Three women talk about their health priorities in the New Year.
health and wellness
Give your health and wellness the importance it deserves. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 31 Jan 2022, 12:38 pm IST
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Health is wealth has been an adage that is oft repeated, but we can’t ignore how it has assumed greater importance over the past two years. The Covid-19 pandemic has given people a reason to give their health and wellness – both physical and mental – the attention it deserves.

Every New Year comes with people setting their resolutions to lose weight or be fit or even pursue one hobby. But achieving holistic health and wellness seems to be the go-to mantra for most people nowadays.

Women often tend to keep their health on the backburner. But that is changing gradually with more awareness and opportunities.

Three women, all accomplished in their respective fields, talk about their health and wellness mantras for 2022.

1. Komal Mishra, Counselling Psychologist and Holistic Healer at Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare

“All that matters is a life full of good health and positive thoughts. Let’s make our mind and body a priority. Anything can be achieved if you have a systematic functioning inside out. Therefore, a good state of mind and body make a good human and good life!

Resolutions are promises that we make with ourselves as we begin every New Year. In the year 2022, I take a resolution to make my mind and body a priority. Being a smart woman, I will consider my health as the biggest blessing and rejuvenate myself to be more mindful.

To guarantee good well-being, I plan to eat healthy, breathe purposefully, be grateful and keep a positive spirit.

health and wellness
Being with your loved one’s is a bliss in covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The pandemic has created havoc in our lives and being a survivor of it we sometimes forget the essence of living. That is our family. The family is our root; it gives us the strength to fight, to love, to endure and to persist. Being a responsible individual of my family, I will protect and care for them by being there for them emotionally as well as physically. We can overcome any difficult situation when we are together with our loved ones.

2. Prerna Kalra, CEO and Co-founder, Daalchini Technologies

“I began this year with my 3H mantra – Hope, Health, and Harmony. Wellness of mind with the hope of a better world for all. Wellness of the body with healthy living and lifestyle. And wellness of the soul and heart with harmony all around for the environment, for your co-workers, for the team, and other business stakeholders. I truly believe to capitalize on these in the year 2022 especially when there are so many uncertainties all around us.”

health and wellness
Healthy habits lead to happiness. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Sonal Singh, Co-founder and Director, Fittr

To me, being healthy means being empowered both mentally and physically. My focus for this year is to focus on 5 daily fundamentals – deep breathing, practising gratitude, eating nutritious and balanced meals, daily exercise and laughter.”

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