Chasing success? Follow these 3 rules to level up your game

These 3 rules or tips to become successful can change your life and add value to it. So, make sure you're following it.
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These 3 things can change your life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Devina Kaur Published: 14 Oct 2022, 12:45 pm IST
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To be ambitious, move ahead and climb up the success ladder is what most people desire from life School children try to score higher on their tests, the athletes attempt to run faster than the last time, swimmers increase their stamina and become stronger and sturdier than before, and people in corporate jobs want a level higher in their careers as they wish for a fatter paycheck and a luxurious life. While the definition of success may vary from person to person, the idea to know your desires, being ambitious and making an effort and excelling in your jobs remains constant throughout everyone. There aren’t any shortcuts to success, just rules and strict adherence to your daily regime. So, we are revealing tips to become successful in life!

3 tips to help you achieve success

1. Be mindful of yourself

One of the ways to be consistent with your success routine is by being mindful of your actions and thoughts. We are not always aware of the kind and quality of thoughts we entertain. More often than not, negative criticisms cloud our judgments. We all have doubted ourselves, our capabilities and our strengths, which have restricted us from making informed decisions.

tips to become successful
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One of the ways to be more confident is by practicing self-awareness. Once you start focusing your energy on self-knowledge, being mindful of all thoughts and building a healthy environment around yourself, success will feel more well-deserved.

2. Accept yourself

Once you start spending time with yourself, your thoughts, ideas and plans, you will know and understand yourself better. You’ll be clearer about what you want from your life and how you can channel your energy better to focus on your goals. The more time you spend with yourself, the clearer you’ll feel about your dreams and the notion of success for you. After self-knowledge comes self-acceptance, you must make attempts in accepting all parts of yourself.

tips to become successful
Self talk will help you love yourself. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

By radical self-acceptance, you will have the tools and spirit to polish your strengths and overcome your weaknesses and flaws. Always remember that both your flaws and strengths make you who you are and you must take pride in yourself.

3. Show gratitude

There’s a saying that if you only focus on your future, the present slips away from the palm of your hand. Yes, moving forward is the rule of life but you must pause for a moment and appreciate what you currently have. Show and express gratitude towards your family, friends, surroundings, the food you intake, and most importantly, your body. Your body has been with you for your entire life and how crucial it is to admire yourself.

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Make it a daily practice to thank your feet for carrying your weight throughout your life, admire the colour of your skin–how radiant it is, marvel over the length of your hair and thank your gut for keeping you healthy. Once you start practising constant gratitude in your everyday life, you’ll feel a positive vibe around you and feel more energized and alive.

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