3 self empowerment tips for women in leadership roles

Try these self empowerment tips suggested by an expert to help you navigate a leadership position with confidence.
How to empower yourself as a woman leader
Know ways to empower yourself as a woman leader. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Team Health Shots Published: 5 Feb 2023, 18:00 pm IST
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With emphasis on diversity initiatives in organizations around the world, the conversations around the empowerment of women leaders is gaining momentum. With that, it is essential for women leaders to focus on self empowerment tips to build their personal magnetism.

Coach Vikram. Executive, leadership and career development coach, shares his valuable thoughts on self empowerment tips for women. Contrary to popular belief, magnetism is not about appearance. Magnetism, in fact, depends on energy, engagement, and charm. The key is to intentionally ‘show up’ in this world. Women leaders are often caught up in the politics of hierarchies and the need to build credibility. As much as this is important, they ought to also pay attention to the energy that they bring to the table when they choose to engage and charm their audience.

Self empower tips that for effective leadership

From the lens of executive presence, here are 3 recommendations for building yourself up as a star woman leader, as suggested by Vikram.

Tips for women leaders
A woman leader needs confidence. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Stay energized

Take a moment now to think about how you feel around your favourite people. Does your energy increase or do you feel tired? Similarly, take a moment to think about how your stakeholders respond to your presence. Do they feel energized or does their energy drain? This moment of reflection will help you see value in becoming intentional about the energy and emotion that you carry. Energy is contagious and so is one of the fastest ways to increase your quotient of magnetism. As you balance the demands of your day, ask yourself what little things you can do in between to boost your energy. Managing your energy is your opportunity to be a role model to many. Your energy sets the tone and expectations for how the team should conduct themselves, and this helps them with their productivity and their energy.

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2. Engage mindfully

Women leaders often assume that when they are in a meeting, their job is to share a lot of information with their audience so as to build their credibility. This way the talk time is high, conversations are long-winding and others might lose attention. In fact, the more you talk, the more your team and clients might find you serious, boring, verbose and as someone who lacks clarity. This will make them feel distant from your ideas and your company. On the other hand, to make others feel comfortable, intentionally engage and encourage them to share more. Address people with their names and ask them questions based on curiosity. The more they share with you, the more attracted they will be to engage with you even in the form of business.

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Avoid office politics
Keep your communication clear and avoid office politics. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Focus on the experience

Every interaction is an opportunity to create magical and memorable moments for your stakeholders. Unfortunately, with various ideologies, the charm with which women leaders can lead has been systematically trivialized. Women leaders can simply charm by giving their audience attention and making them feel that they matter. After all, people remember less about the content of the conversation and more about the experience of how they felt during the conversation. As you focus on recognizing their potential, they will automatically feel charmed by you and your potential. Next time, make the conversation about the other person and see how they feel charmed by you therein inviting a win-win situation.

The last word

These self empowerment tips can help a woman navigate through the dynamics of career development. Energy, engagement and experience are key to displaying personal magnetism. For this magnetism to feel genuine, women leaders must first build their mindset toward the impact of magnetism on their stakeholders. The idea is not to fake it, but to believe that as a leader, you genuinely want to give others the attention they deserve. The key to magnetism is to have fun and create space around you for everyone else to have fun too.


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