22 women tell Health Shots the one thing they do at night to wake up happy

Happiness hacks to wake up happy
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Ainee Nizami Updated: 19 Nov 2019, 19:05 pm IST
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What is the one thing you do every night to make sure you wake up well-rested, stress-free, and happy? We asked 22 women to talk to us about their night-time routine that ensured that they woke up ready to go and here’s what everyone had to say.

1. Being prepared is key for 36-year-old Priyanka Kumari from Mumbai
“I check on my caterpillars and pupa at night and talk to them. Other than that I prepare my meal for the next day and keep things ready for breakfast. I also speak to my daughter and husband to see if they have everything prepared for the next day. Having things in place the night before lets me wake up relaxed and happy.”

2. It’s positivity FTW for Mumbaikar Tania Suri, 39
“I say my prayer and send out positive energy to everyone. The positive environment around me lets me wake up with a smile the next day.”

3. Scriptwriter Shweta Sandhu, 26, says all you need to do is share!
“Connecting with the people I love by having a conversation and sharing how our day went by helps me sleep better and wake up happier.”

4. For Bengaluru-based music evangelist Shivangi Vyasulu dream incubation works best…
“I play the keyboard, sing, and dream incubate every night.”

5. Nothing works like following a routine for 32-year-old content writer Surobhi Banerjee
“I clean the house as much as I can, spend some time with my son, and make sure I have some me-time right before I hit the bed. I moisturise my face, have a cup of chamomile tea, spend some time talking to my husband and then go to sleep completely relaxed. This routine definitely helps me wake up happy.”

6. For Malini Agarwal, founder for MissMalini.com it’s about being grateful
“I find that making a gratitude list before I sleep works very well. I just write three things I am grateful for that day in the notes on my phone.”

7. Reading is a must, says Bengaluru-based CA Ankitha Hatwar
“I moisturise my skin and read a book, even if it’s just a page before going to bed. The first one makes me feel pampered while the second one fuels my imagination!”

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8. Tomorrow is a day away for Kuala Lumpur-based Sarika Tandon’s motto
“I don’t have a routine as such, but the fact that it’s a whole new day tomorrow and I can start all over again makes me feel happy.”

9. Thirty-four-year-old fashion blogger Rashi Gaur is all about planning
“I decide the next day’s menu for all the meals. Also, I plan what I am going to be wearing. Being prepared the night before helps me relax. Before sleeping I also have a night-time skin regime, I keep the gadgets away, and read a book.” – Rashi Gaur, 34, Fashion Blogger, Noida

10. Focus and prayer are essential for fashion designer Ruth-Hannah Pereira
“I usually sleep listening to positive affirmations and we say our family rosary and prayers. Feeling grateful for the day and the time I’ve spent alive is vital. I also maintain a journal of the things I’ve accomplished during the day and have a list of things to accomplish the next. This helps me wake up the next day with a lot of hope and gratefulness for another chance at life.”

11. It’s a no-phone-zone at night for Delhi-based lawyer and blogger Noor Anand Chawla
“The best thing I do is to sleep with my phone on ‘airplane mode’, so I can enjoy good quality undisturbed sleep and wake up well-rested.

12. Music makes all the difference for Chennai-based engineer Surbhi Khanna
“Reading a novel and listening to soothing music just before sleeping is the best way for me to wake up happy in the morning.”

13. Sex educator Shraddha Verenkar swears by the practice of keeping a journal
“I write in my diary about my entire day. That gives me a chance to look back at whatever issues I have, and gives me a sound sleep.”

14. It’s all about loving your kids for Gurgaon-based Pushpika Singh
“I spend time with my son before sleeping and the first thing when I wake up. Those moments really put me in a good mood.”

15. Food makes the world go round for Mumbai-based healer Naveeta Singh
“I plan my breakfast and wake up happy knowing that my first meal will be delicious.”

16. It’s hugs and kisses for 39-year-old Alittina D’mello Crasto
“Before sleeping, I check in on my family and my pets. I hug and kiss them before heading to bed. I also read and make sure I send out a prayer of thanks every night.”

17. Pillow talk makes all the difference for entrepreneur Radhika Kumar
“I talk to my husband about his plans, appreciate the day spent, sort out any issues, share my thoughts and talk about places to travel together.”

18. Family ties come to recruiting agent Rabia Patel’s aid!
“I call my family daily at 9 PM. That routine and the fact that I can check in on my loved ones and know they are okay, every night, makes me feel happy and thankful.”

19. Digital content producer Renukka Raj Garkkal is always ready!
“I make a to-do list and keep stuff ready for the next morning. I make preparations for breakfast, put things like wallet, glasses, and makeup in my bag and keep it ready for the next morning.”

20. Feel good vibes only for painter Sonali Chauhan
“I make sure I pray for everyone. Not only for people around me but for the world. Surrounding myself with positivity gives me immense happiness and that translates to a happier me the next morning.”

21. It’s feline love for Delhi-based hotelier, writer, and chef Rhea Rosalind Ramji
“I cuddle with my 17-year-old cat and mediate to her purring.”

22. Business developer Pragati Rsahay Mishra believes in the power of productivity
“I summarise my day and think of what could have been better, and what went great. It’s a nice feeling to go to sleep feeling productive and accomplished.”

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