Practice these 3 ways to help you find mental peace through spirituality

Spirituality can teach you the art of finding peace within yourself. An expert tells you all about how it can lead to a sound mental health. Read on!
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Yes, your spirituality does have a positive effect on your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Devina Kaur Published: 9 Oct 2021, 11:00 am IST
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In many ways, the way we view life and how we are able to handle things that are thrown at us is a reflection of the spiritual mindset we have. Even though it may be difficult at times, making your connection to your spiritual core will help you find peace with yourself and within your journey.

Being spiritual can boost your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important topic for many people. The question arises, “What role does spirituality play in my mental peace?” This holds an answer to an even greater question of how we can keep ourselves sane and happy at all times. 

There are many ways in which we can take care of our bodies, minds, and thoughts. Being a balanced individual means having a sense of calm and a relaxed nature despite outside pressures or stresses that may be plaguing you at regular intervals. We can find strength within our spiritual beliefs.

Spiritual beliefs come in many different forms and expressions. There is certainly one that exists out there that will resonate deeply for you just as everyone else would have a free choice about how they choose to connect in this lifetime. 

We all live in a matrix and the matrix is designed to keep us busy in the chaos and at a low frequency. However, when we connect to our true spiritual wisdom, we find mental peace in our being. Spirituality does not have a right or wrong way of connecting us, but rather what works best for us.

So never worry about doing anything incorrectly. Simply enjoy discovering your connection to yourself. Spiritual connection or spirituality comes from engaging in practices such as prayer, meditation, and soul searching which provide guidance on finding peace with yourself when things get challenging along life’s path.

Connecting with yourself through meditation can help you clear your mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here are 3 ways you can find mental peace through your spirituality: 


1. Acknowledge your mental health


Insight is a person’s ability and capacity to observe themselves, others and life as it unfolds. The more we learn about ourselves in any given moment, the greater our self-knowledge becomes which in turn reveals our inner greatness. Practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings, watch your reactions, and reduce the temptation to respond to things that can trigger you into a negative state. This will help you become more self-aware and you will be able to acknowledge your mental health and what it requires most.


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2. Attitude of gratitude


Gratitude is important because it allows you to keep all things in perspective. It helps you recall the bigger picture and the things that are most important in life. A great way to practice gratitude is by writing a ‘’thank you’’ note for everything that went well, every person who helped you or did something nice for you that week. You could also just say thank you for little things that you are grateful for. Perhaps it is opening your eyes to a new day, having a warm shower or being able to enjoy a warm meal. Practice gratitude every day.

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3. Divine Happiness


Happiness is about living for a long time, but not forever; to feel good, but not all the time; to be successful in what you do, at least most of the time; to make an impact on your surroundings through your choices and expectations. Care for those in need through small acts of kindness — smile at strangers that are out walking each day, go out and have fun by meeting new people, look after the seniors in your neighborhood, etc. It also means exploring new ways you can help people who have needs like yours or take part in things like charity, volunteering and spreading your brilliance around.

When we shut off outside noise and we are connected to our own needs, we find more inner wealth and abundance and inner wealth ultimately leads to finding more inner peace. 

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