Sex with your ex is a bad idea! Here’s why

Thinking of reconnecting with your ex? Well, here's why you must rethink.
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Devina Kaur Published: 6 Jul 2022, 18:06 pm IST
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It’s hard to get over someone you love, but it can be even harder to move on when that person has hurt your emotions. To date someone new, you may feel like moving on from your past relationship and forgetting about them. But everyone can take time to heal from a breakup. Still, if you end up in a hookup with your ex, it has the potential to ruin your peace of mind and mental health.

Here are 5 reasons why reconnecting with your ex is a bad idea for your mental health:

1. You may be replaying old emotions

You are probably filled with many extreme emotions when you break up with your partner. These feelings can range from anger, sadness, guilt, regret, shame, fear, jealousy, and many others. If you had had sexual intimacy with your ex before you broke up, you might be replaying old memories. This is especially true if you did not plan to have sex and ended up doing so. While these emotions may seem to make sense at the time, they worsen things.

2. You could feel guilty about dating someone new

The residual feelings from your past relationship may induce feelings of guilt within you when you start seeing someone else. Dating someone new can be intimidating and you might feel pressured to give up and get back together with your ex-partner but it’s advisable to not go through the same. When you first went through your breakup, there had been reasons that led you to take that step. Going through the same process can be heart-wrenching and will pave a path for mental trauma and stress.

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3. Healing

It takes time to get over someone after a breakup. If you had an argument with your partner and then broke up, you would probably still be upset with them. Even though you think you have moved on, the unresolved issues from the past may enrage you and you might be thinking about them just the same. Rekindling a connection with your ex is going to hold you emotionally hostage. You might still have hopes for the relationship even though you are not a couple. Healing from a breakup takes time.

4. Acceptance

We often question our choice of breaking up with our partner even when the signs of repeated frustration and sadness are obvious. In an attempt for clarity and justification, often the said closure leads people to reconnect with their ex-partners, ultimately dissolving the rage and doubts and ending up together. When this happens, you might feel more trapped than before. This is especially true if they are no longer interested in you and have moved on. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to walk away and accept the fact that you are better off without your partner in your life.

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5. You may have issues with trust

You may not trust your ex anymore after your breakup and you can find issues forming intimate relations with others as well. Due to these unresolved trust issues, you might experience some difficulty forming healthy relationships with others. You may opt to talk with a professional if you are currently dealing with any of these issues. They can help you figure out ways to deal with your emotions and also teach you to avoid the same problems in future.

A hookup with an ex is a terrible idea for your mental health. It could cause you to relive painful memories, building frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt. It could also put you in dangerous situations where you will be vulnerable to being hurt again. Lastly, it could prevent you from forming healthy relationships with new people.

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