Supermom Syndrome: The misnomer that makes moms think they must do everything alone

Are you trying to be a supermom and ignoring your personal needs? Know everything about the Supermom Syndrome and how to deal with it.
What is Supermom Syndrome
Supermom Syndrome can be unsettling. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Dr Surabhi Siddhartha Published: 2 Jan 2023, 11:30 am IST
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Mothers are the finest jugglers in the world! From family to career to money, they appear to juggle everything. Sometimes with so much responsibility, women might sometimes feel overburdened and worried. There is a term for this psychological condition known as Supermom Syndrome, which causes both physical and mental agony. It affects nearly all working mothers to some extent. However, exhausting yourself while attempting to be a great mother causes stress and depletes your vitality.

Women try to “do it all” as today’s culture becomes more and more demanding. Women of today are more autonomous, but they still have a lot of pressure to live up to social standards. They are under pressure to balance a profession, be the ideal parent, and be devoted wives, all while putting aside their personal needs.

supermom syndrome
What is the supermom syndrome? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What are the symptoms of Supermom Syndrome?

High levels of stress are brought on by Supermom Syndrome, which is the primary cause of many grave health problems. The psychological effects of stress, which include irritation, memory issues, mood swings, and emotional outbursts, indecision, and despair, are frequently experienced by women.

Weight gain, stomach ache, tense muscles, skin rashes, shortness of breath, anxiety, and a compromised immune system are some of the physical signs. The good news is that you can treat Supermom Syndrome without a medical diagnosis or medicine by just altering your lifestyle.

Women who experience this condition don’t leave any time for their own personal needs. They frequently feel continually overwhelmed by everything they need to get done, find it difficult to say “no” and put others’ needs before their own. This leaves them with little time or energy for themselves and causes them a lot of stress.

They base their sense of self-worth on their output, which makes life more stressful and prevents them from experiencing all of its pleasures. Supermoms put their own health at risk, and when this happens, the physical and psychological signs of stress start to show.

supermom syndrome
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Ways to ease stress in mothers and deal with Supermom Syndrome

1. Be aware of your stress levels

Different people react differently to stress. When you’re under stress, how do your thoughts or actions differ from those of other times? Identify your sources of stress. What occurrences or circumstances set off tense emotions? Do they have anything to do with your kids, the health of your family, your finances, your job, your relationships, or something else? Being aware of your stress levels can help you deal with your emotions.

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2. Set priorities

Recognise your stress management strategy. Identify any unhealthy coping mechanisms you may be employed to deal with the stress of parenthood. Is this a common practice or is it exclusive to certain occasions or circumstances? Do your hurried and overburdened feelings influence the decisions you make, such as stopping for fast food when running errands or picking up your kids? Put things in perspective and carve out time for what matters most.

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Set priorities and assign tasks to others. Determine how your loved ones can help lighten your burden so that you may take a break. Say no to or postpone less crucial things.

3. Make lifestyle changes

Additionally, stress may be reduced by making lifestyle adjustments including getting enough sleep, eating a good diet, and exercising regularly.

supermom syndrome
Eat healthy to deal with supermom syndrome. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock


It’s natural to ask your spouse or children for assistance. The load will be lifted off your shoulders temporarily and you’ll have more time for yourself if you let them assist you around the house. Asking for assistance does not mean failure.

“The soul of your family is you. Your family already thinks highly of you, so you don’t need to be flawless; all you need to be is ‘Mom’!

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