6 signs of love bombing and why it may be dangerous

Love bombing happens a person displays excessive love and affection in the name of love. It is not a healthy space to be in, so watch out for these signs of love bombing.
Love bombing
Beware of love bombing in a relationship. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Updated: 10 Mar 2024, 07:14 pm IST
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Every relationship typically begins with an initial phase of intense charm, compliments, and seemingly unconditional love. You may be showered with gifts, praise, and constant communication, and believe that you’re in a perfect romantic relationship. But behind this facade, if your lover has a manipulative agenda, chances are you are being love bombed! Never heard that term, is it? Well, love bombing happens when a person showers excessive affection and love on someone to influence the partner’s actions and reactions. Sometimes, being showered with love can feel close to being pampered. But love bombing is a kind of negative tactic that doesn’t allow room for the other person to grow and be independent.

What is love bombing?

Love bombing is a manipulative tactic where one person showers another with excessive affection, attention, and admiration early in the relationship. It is often used to gain control or influence over the other person’s feelings and decisions.

Love bombing can be a red flag for a potentially abusive or controlling relationship. It is generally considered unhealthy because it can create an imbalanced power dynamic and lead to emotional dependency, explains consultant psychiatrist, sexologist and relationship expert Dr Pavana S.

signs of love bombing
Beware of these signs of love bombing! Image courtesy: Freepik

What are the signs of love bombing?

Love bombing can manifest in various ways. Here are the signs of love bombing:

1. Overwhelming attention and communication

The person may bombard you with texts, calls, and emails, often expressing strong feelings very early in the relationship. They might insist on constant communication and get upset or anxious if you don’t reply immediately.

2. Excessive gifts and gestures

They might pamper you with lavish gifts, take you on extravagant dates, or make grand gestures that might not seem suitable, considering the stage of your relationship. While giving gifts is not inherently bad, the intensity and frequency can be a sign of love bombing.

3. Rushing the relationship

A love bomber will often push for a serious commitment quickly. They might talk about moving in together, getting married, or making other long-term plans within weeks of meeting. This rush can be their way of securing your attachment before you’ve had time to truly understand each other.

4. Constant flattery

They will shower you with compliments and flattery that may feel overwhelming or insincere. This can be a tactic to lower your guard and make you more emotionally dependent on them for validation, tells the expert.

Signs of love bombing
Don’t manipulate in relationships through love bombing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Isolation from friends and family

Love bombers often try to monopolize your time and may discourage you from spending time with others or even badmouth your friends and family in an attempt to isolate you, making you more dependent on them.

6. Manipulating emotions

If you throw hints about pulling back or questioning the relationship, they might flip from being overly loving to being extremely emotional or even threatening. This emotional manipulation is aimed at keeping you close and may involve guilt-tripping, playing the victim, or making dramatic declarations of love or threats of self-harm.

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Is love bombing bad?

It is important to recognize that love bombing is not a sign of genuine love or affection. Instead, it is a warning sign of potential emotional dependency, manipulation and abuse. Healthy relationships build gradually and are based on mutual respect, understanding, and healthy boundaries.

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