Your dreams can indicate the state of your health? An expert tells you more

The negative dreams that we see are often linked to our health. Surprised to hear? Find out more here.
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Sheetal Shaparia Published: 18 Nov 2021, 19:33 pm IST
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We often associate dreams with positive aspects. But did you know your sleep pattern, diet, lifestyle and other health aspects have a strong impact on your dreams? Yes, they can provide a whole new meaning to the concept of dream interpretation.

There are various dream patterns and types of dreams that may indicate certain things about you, and also your health. These patterns alone do not justify you having problems, but can indicate certain issues that you may have to discuss with your doctor, in case they disturb you in any way. 

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Here are some common dream patterns that serve as a window to your health:
1. Falling teeth

Teeth are the symbols of power and confidence. Dreaming about your teeth falling is an indication of disturbed mental health. It commonly represents anxiety, nervousness and panic-induced behaviour. You might not realise that your anxiety is building up, but you are likely to receive signals for the same through your dreams. 

This is because your subconscious state is an extension of your mental health acting up, and the message comes up in the form of a dream.

2. A luxurious dream

You might often have dreams about things that are way too expensive for you, or see something that you know might not be possible for you in reality. It simply points towards your diet. Usually, people who follow a strict diet might see such dreams, because it indicates that you may want to make up for the meals you’re missing.

3. Violent dreams

Some people have scary and stressful dreams, in which they are being attacked by someone, or being chased down. Some are also involved in a fight. This can be a sign of brain degeneration or getting slow. Commonly, people who have such dreams are found to be patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other brain disorders. It is also possible that this might be an early sign that appears about a decade before the actual disease is diagnosed. 

dreams and health
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4. Dreams that wake you up early

It is common to see people have scary or shocking dreams that instantly wake them up, leaving them in a state of trauma for several minutes. This is simply due to indigestion that causes uneasiness in the body. This happens when you eat a heavy meal for dinner that can build up trouble in your digestive system, leaving you extremely full. This results in uneasiness and restlessness, when you sleep. You MUST have a very light dinner and maintain a gap between your last meal and bedtime.

The last word

Having a nightmare once in a while does not indicate health issues, so do not jump to conclusions. Occasional nightmares are the result of certain triggers that induce negative dreams. Watching or reading scary content before going to bed, having a long day at work, and receiving bad news are some of the common triggers that might create a similar dreamscape, while you’re sleeping.

If you wish to get peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams, it is important to take good care of your health by adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by incorporating healthy habits like exercising, eating well, meditating and avoiding things that might trigger your thoughts, leading to dreadful dreams. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to wake from a good night’s sleep.

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