Valentine’s Day: Express love in these 10 simple ways

Valentine's Day 2022: Sometimes, simple gestures speak louder than words. Here are some ways to convey love for your partner.
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Resolve conflicts and set boundaries for a healthy relationship. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Parmita Uniyal Updated: 8 Feb 2022, 09:52 am IST
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Valentine’s Day 2022: Some people have a hard time saying ‘I love you’ to their partner. But it is not the only way to express love. The truth is doing little things for your special someone can at times be even more romantic than poetry and love letters, especially when you are hoping for this relationship to be long term or ‘forever’.

There are innumerable ways to tell your partner the importance they hold in your life and how much you care for them. After all, if you want them to be a part of your life, you will not risk taking them for granted, right?

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For some people, a partner who’s a great listener can be a major turn-on, while others may consider someone who respects their opinion more romantic than any other gesture. Understanding each other and connecting with each other emotionally and mentally are signs that your relationship is heading towards the right direction.

If you are someone who wants his/her partner to stay in a relationship for long (or forever), Sara Kuburic, writer and psychotherapist has some tips for you.

1. Give a compliment:

A genuine compliment can light up any one’s day. It is the way of showing that you value and appreciate them and their gestures for you.

2. Respect their opinions:

Respect is a crucial aspect of a relationship. If you respect your partner, he/she can feel comfortable around you and be themselves. People who feel disrespected are unlikely to stay in a relationship for long.

3. Accept when they say no:

This is also part of respecting their decisions. Forcing decisions on your partner is a mark of immaturity and disrespect.

4. Buy them cookies:

The element of surprise spices up a relationship like nothing else in the whole world. Get them something nice to eat and it would be a delight to see their happy reaction.

5. Work towards resolving conflict:

It is very common to have fights between partners. But it is how you resolve the conflict or your intention towards settling your differences, that could make your partner feel special.

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Don’t sleep over a fight. Resolve your issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Designate time for just them:

Some people make their partner feel special by waiting for them. Yes, you read that right. Waiting for them to come back from office, a friend’s place, an interview…Taking out time that is exclusively for your partner can make them feel valued and oh so special.

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7. Set boundaries:

By setting boundaries, you are allowing your partner to have their own life and a freedom to choose.

8. Be honest:

Without honesty, the foundation of a relationship will always be weak. Being honest with your partner is a way of telling them that you can be trusted.

emotional boundaries
Guard yourself with emotional boundaries. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Give them a hug:

Hugging your partner is not only important for physical intimacy but also emotional. Give them a hug to show that you care and want them to be closer to you.

10. Ask about their day:

After a long day, asking about your partner’s day, even when your own day sucked, shows how much you care about him/her. A small question, gesture, or an act can at times go a long way in setting the foundation of a relationship right.

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