Valentine’s Day: 10 sensible tips to navigate a relationship with a sensitive man

On Valentine's Day 2022, let an expert give you a helping hand by telling you how to handle a sensitive partner.
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Radhika Bhirani Updated: 14 Feb 2022, 19:00 pm IST
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In the world we’ve grown up in, we’ve trusted the ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’ adage for far too long. Since they are toddlers, the little ones are told how ‘strong boys don’t cry’. What they grow up into are men who tend to believe that expressing emotions can be a sign of weakness. But as much as we would like to believe
that’s true, feelings have no gender, my ladies! And so, if you are trying to make sense of navigating such a relationship where you have to handle a sensitive partner, let us hold your hand and guide you.

It’s the easiest thing to believe that men don’t feel emotions as deeply as women do, whereas it is far from the truth. According to a University of Michigan study, “women are not more emotional than men”, but they are just viewed from the lens of gender stereotypes.

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It’s not so bad to have a highly sensitive partner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Men have been taught to not feel, express, show emotion and least of all cry, thanks to all the social stigma that has been built up around. But there are a lot of male partners who could be sensitive,” wellness expert Nakshi Satra, Founder, Inha:Wellness, tells HealthShots.

When it comes to highly sensitive people, they like being heard, seen and valued, most of all from their partner. So you’ve got to give them attention on these fronts, without calling them out on their sensitivity. Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but being patient and a good listener apart from the following tips, can help, suggests Satra.

10 tips to handle a sensitive partner:

1. Give them space:

It is important to give space to your partner to feel emotions, express them and accept this. This doesn’t make him any less manly. In fact, it creates the possibility of becoming more understanding in the relationship.

2. Be human:

Every human has emotions. If your partner is emotional or highly sensitive, they suppress or vent it out by exercise, a drink, watching TV or sleeping it off. It’s okay to create a safe environment to normalize expressing.

3. Hear them out:

A lot of sensitive male partners have a strong sense of intuition because they are in touch with their feelings and emotions. Therefore, it’s okay to patiently hear their point of view, as it will help you handle their sensitive nature better.

4. Let them cry:

Crying can be healthy. If your partner prefers crying out at instances, it’s absolutely healthy to let them let it out.

highly sensitive partner
Let them release their emotions, without judging them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Open up:

Sensitive male partners can have a better understanding of women’s emotions. And we’re sure women would like that!

6. A sensitive partner needs reassurance:

They may need reassurance at times and it’s completely okay to give it to them as long as it’s not a need for constant validation.

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7, Appreciate their giving and caring nature:

They may naturally be very giving since they would be sensitive and can be very considerate and mindful of others’ needs and requirements.

8. Let them be empathetic

Absorbing others’ pain could be very natural for them which makes them very easily forgiving. It’s okay to have them recognize this about themselves and explain to them to empathize (understand others feelings but still do what they want to for themselves) rather than sympathize (understand and feel others; emotions, which limit them from doing what they want to).

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emotional boundaries
Emotional boundaries are necessary when you handle a sensitive partner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Allow him to unleash creativity:

Highly sensitive partners may also be highly creative in many ways. This may also make them very loving as a personality. This could often be misunderstood.

10. Lean on:

Sensitive partners can come with a high emotional quotient. Their higher emotional intellect allows them to understand a situation much better. You could seek their perspective and advice from time to time to get their views.

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