How to speak confidently at work without coming out as aggressive?

If you try to speak confidently at work but appear aggressive instead, it may damage your work life. These tips will help you avoid that.
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These tips will help you speak confidently at your workplace. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 16 Jun 2022, 14:12 pm IST
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As human beings we go through many emotions during the day. Sometimes, we tend to lose our calm at our workplace and come out as aggressive and rude. We try to speak confidently at work and prepare well for the meetings, but we can tend go wrong in how we communicate.

Health Shots spoke to Devina Kaur, a motivational speaker, radio host, and producer, who listed some important ways to put forth our words better, especially when we’re at work.

Here are a few tips to speak confidently at work without losing control over your emotions:

1. Know and understand the need

As you put effort into knowing yourself, you will experience clarity in your thoughts and expressions. It is essential that you remain kind but firm with your requirements so it becomes easier to express yourself and your needs even when at work.

2. Emotional check

Recalling her own brush with aggressive thoughts, Kaur says, “During my younger days, I used to get very impatient with the slow pace of work. Even today, in times as such, one of the tricks I use is to start counting from one to ten. This allows me to calm down and express myself better without aggression.”

The anxiety in office is real and it may not let you speak confidently at work. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Practice empathy

Take time to acknowledge and learn that everyone is different, people understand and work differently and the best approach is to show empathy and learn to adapt to every situation. Practice empathy for others’ situations and try to understand them better. This way you’ll create a safe and compatible group to express your needs without aggression.

4. Respect yourself

“We should always respect ourselves and refuse to put up with disrespect from others. If you feel your boundaries are violated or are emotionally or verbally abused, you should know that you have the option to walk away. Instead of being aggressive, simply gather up your courage and walk away from a disrespectful environment,” adds Kaur.

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These tips will help you gain the respect you deserve at a workplace. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Trust your instinct

Practice listening to your intuition because it carries the potential to keep you safe. In situations when you find yourself consumed by aggression, it’s usually happening because something in your surrounding has gone off-balance. Take a mindful break and ask what it is that you need at the moment. You can always come back to the issue at hand and you’ll save yourself and others from hurting with your aggression.

These are the 5 brilliant steps that you can employ at your workplace the next time you feel like going ballistic. These tips will help you keep your integrity and calmness intact to your divine self and you’ll be on the path of excellence and self-improvement.

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