Young and dreamy, here’s how I dealt with changes after marriage

If you are a newly married woman who is learning to cope with new challenges and changes post-marriage, these tips from a newbie might be of help to you!
how to overcome loneliness after marriage
Life changes after marriage and you've got to embrace it! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 26 Feb 2023, 16:30 pm IST
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When I was young and dreamy, I’d fancy my knight in shining armour coming to take me away to start a beautiful life together. Undoubtedly, love is the most powerful and swaying emotion that changes lives and transforms people. We are all made of nothing but love, and we are in constant pursuit to find someone who resonates with our energy. And when that commitment turns into a lifetime promise in the form of a nuptial, life surely changes. Being a girl coming from a close-knit family of 5 people, it was hard to leave my home after years of cocooning under the shadow of my parents. Life changes after marriage, and I know it’s the case with every girl.

I have been a very sensitive and vulnerable person who found the idea of marriage very daunting. Fortunately, I found my man, and I saw everything in him that I have been seeking for years after failed relationships. Having said that, saying “yes” to marriage was still hard. Now that I have moved into a new home with a new family, I am trying my best to respect new people and values.

Chances could be that your values might differ from theirs, but it’s important to stay open to learning new perspectives while being true to your roots. Around 3 weeks have passed away since my D-day. I might not be a pro right now to share words of wisdom as to how to balance new relationships and changes, but here are a few takeaways from a newbie who wishes to grow and heal in love. Through this, I hope that for other new brides, changes after marriage feel a lot easier and lighter.

changes post-marriage
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How to deal with changes after marriage

1. Embrace changes

We all fear changes in life that come along with a marriage. We fear losing our identity, our freedom, our ways of living, and the list goes on and on. We must remember that change is the only constant in life. And being smart, go-getters and educated women, we must learn to voice out our values to our partners and new family members so that they learn to respect them. Turn your fears and insecurities (how to deal with insecurity) into your strength to grow stronger in your new relationships. Embrace changes with love, humility, and aplomb, and nothing new will feel intimidating.

2. Respect differences

When two different people come together, bound by a promise to stick around to build a great life, differences are inevitable. But you shouldn’t let those differences demotivate you. Instead, learn to work together as a team to build something of strength and value. It’s always the two of you against the problem and not against each other. Just like the way you want to learn how to love the right way, you should also learn the art of addressing conflicts in a healthy way.

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3. Make relationships a priority

When you enter a new family environment, you are new to almost everything. Use that initial time to get to know your new family and partner by investing quality time in them as much as possible. Learn new things about them, and make it a point to come together at the dining table to have the meals of your day. In the passion to go about your lives,

changes post-marriage
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4. Love is all you need

Remember that love can conquer anything. Where there is love, nothing can deter your spirit or come in your way as you go through life dealing with certain hardships. Always choose to focus on the positives and keep nurturing love romantically and otherwise to adjust to the changes after marriage. What you nurture always grows. So, stop yourself from stopping yourself to evolve and heal in love.

5. Accept more, expect less

It’s important to have your accepting mode on and have fewer expectations of new people and life. Let life unfold naturally in its own ways, and learn to be the flow if you wish to build stronger connections. Having expectations will only land you in disappointment.

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