This is what your Netflix watchlist says about your emotional health

As we spend a lot of time scrolling through genres and sub genres, Netflix takes a note of our preferences. And these recommendations tell a unique tale about our personality, hidden desires and fantasies.
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Chetna Pattnaik Updated: 7 May 2021, 18:55 pm IST
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One of the better things to come out of the expanding landscape of the Internet is the OTT content that we now have access to. It has redefined our ways of watching television by providing us with a very personal and cherished experience.

And Netflix is the face of this revolution. It’s an endless tunnel of random flicks and original series that could keep you engaged till the end of time–an exhilarating spin on alone time you could have only imagined.

There’s the ease of watching, whatever, whenever, wherever and to top that—Netflix also showers you with an array of recommendations tailored as per your interests and viewing history.

We spend a lot of time scrolling through genres and sub genres and the platform makes note of all of it. The suggestions that follow are like insights into a person’s soul, and they tell a unique tale about your personality, hidden desires and fantasies. It might just be one of the most honest reflections of a person you can get.

In fact, it could very well reveal your state mind. At least, that’s what a research paper titled “Who Watches What?: Assessing The Impact Of Gender And Personality On Film Preferences” suggests.

Wondering what your viewing choices have to say about you? Well then, read on…

If you watch a whole lot of romance…
Do you love romantic movies and the happy endings, despite the fact that all the plots are the same? According to this research, people with hardworking and neurotic personality types like watching romantic movies a whole lot. The men in this category are also said to be more open as people than women.

Also, listen:

Romantic movies come with predictable plots and typical characters. A conscientious viewer’s mind finds that very compatible. Also as somebody who is a tad bit more neurotic or emotionally vulnerable than the rest, watching these happy endings could be your way of seeking to break free from the tension that pertains in your own life.

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If you prefer action flicks…
Creative, adventurous, hardworking and more emotionally stable is how the research describes an action movie enthusiast. The women falling in this category are also said to be more open and creative than the men.

Action movies give a sense of familiarity to the hardworking lot because of the predictable plot lines and constant activity on the screen.

And it is the more emotionally stable ones that are usually attracted to watching something out of the box and disruptive–something to get rid of the monotone of stability.

If you love comedy films…
Individuals who love comedy as a genre are believed to be more open, creative and adventurous, with little interest in details and particulars.

The study explains it by the fact that comedy movies are often more original, they contain humour, with plot lines that are unpredictable, and they challenge the conventional ways of thinking.

If you are stickler for horror movies…
Nervous, tense, reserved and less altruistic is how the study describes you if you are a sucker for horror movies.

Horror movies are devoid of images of kindness and warmth hence falls in line with a less altruistic personality trait.

People who are usually nervous and tense are believed to find the chaos and brutality in these movies relatable.

If you live for fantasy films…
According to the study you are more likely to be an introvert if you love fantasy films. And just like the films, you are said to be creative and adventurous.

The creativity and originality of these movies are found to be very appealing by an artistic and intellectual mind.

At the same time, it is also believed that the introverts develop a heightened sense of imagination to compensate for their lack of social interaction. And these fantasy films are food for such minds.

So which kind of films do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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