These 5 health benefits of love will make you celebrate romance even more!

Romance is a strong healing energy! Know the health benefits of love to understand how it brings out the best in you!
Why is love important
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Purvi Kalra Published: 28 Aug 2022, 21:34 pm IST
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That swaying feeling of love is unparalleled. Finding someone who resonates with you on the same frequency brings utmost peace and joy. It is rightly believed that “two heads are always better than one”. When two people in love come together to pool their energy to build something great out of it, then there is no turning back for them. Romantic relationships burst colours in one’s life and bring benefits in more than one way. Come, let us know the health benefits of love!

To understand some health benefits of romantic relationships, Health Shots reached out to clinical psychologist Dr. Kamna Chhibber, head of the mental health department and behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare.

5 health benefits of love and why you must celebrate romantic relationships

Healthy, romantic relationships help in our overall well-being. A peaceful romantic relationship goes way beyond loving each other. It’s about pushing each other to help grow into becoming better individuals.

1. Gives a sense of optimism

When two people fall truly in love with each other, everything else around starts feeling positive. A healthy, joyful relationship splurges positivity into your lives and gives you the strength to see the good in every aspect of life. A couple that’s happier together starts exuding optimistic, feel-good vibes.

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2. Enhances self-esteem

Two individuals in a romantic relationship not just feel respectful towards each other but also experience a greater sense of self-esteem. A healthy relationship sheds light on the good parts of you and helps you reflect on them to nurture them better. When one invests a part of oneself in building something, it surely reflects that a person possesses some traits that are helping him/her work out things in a mature way.

3. Highlights strengths and weaknesses of individuals

When two people join hands and commit to nourishing a relationship, they get constant feedback from each other. This helps one reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in the context of the way one invests in a relationship. One could be a good speaker, but a bad listener. By knowing your shortcomings, you can work on improving them, and knowing your strengths makes you feel more confident.

4. Helps you strike the right balance

This is one of the important aspects of the health benefits of love. Being in a relationship helps one understand how to strike the right balance between various aspects of life. It helps you understand how to keep things on a positive note and give every aspect its equal importance apart from being together. You become strong at coming out with creative solutions to problems in life.

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5. Makes you a better problem-solver

In the words of Dr. Chhibber, “A healthy relationship allows you to focus on building adaptive ways of coping with situations and developing healthy mechanisms of solving problems. There is a greater conversation and discussion and this tends to be beneficial in the long run”.

Facing struggles and problems lets you become smarter in coping with unforeseen circumstances. You learn to come up with ways that help you turn into a stronger and more positive individual.

Let’s promise to spread love and only love around us. There is np better healing force in this universe than love.

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