15 telltale signs your partner is disrespecting you

If your partner does not respect you, there's very little hope for future together. Watch out for these signs of disrespect in a relationship.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 10 Jan 2024, 03:45 pm IST
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Mutual respect is very important if you want your relationship to work. A healthy relationship thrives on open communication, understanding, and a genuine appreciation for each other’s individuality. Disrespect, however, can break the foundation of trust and connection. Hence, if you feel that your partner is disrespecting you, understanding the signs of disrespect is paramount. It can help you recognise potential issues before irreparable damage occurs to your relationship.

Anu Rajgarhia, a certified counselling psychologist, tells Health Shots that if your partner is disrespecting you, you may feel a sense of being undervalued and disregarded, and your feelings and opinions are not taken into account. This not only hampers your relationship but also attacks your self-esteem. Hence, disrespect in a relationship should be called out openly so that your partner knows his or her boundaries.

15 signs of disrespect in a relationship

1. Ignoring your feelings

If your partner disregards your emotions and concerns, it is a clear sign of disrespect. It can make you feel neglected and lonely. Remember that a healthy relationship values open communication and acknowledging each other’s feelings and emotions is important.

2. Mocking you

Ridiculing, humiliating, and making fun of your thoughts, opinions, or actions is demeaning behaviour that shows a lack of respect for your individuality. Make sure you call this out openly.

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3. Ignoring boundaries

“Disrespectful partners may consistently push or ignore established boundaries and limits, showing a disregard for your personal space and comfort level,” says Rajgarhia.

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4. Neglecting your accomplishments

If your achievements are consistently downplayed or ignored by your partner, it can be a sign that they don’t appreciate or respect your efforts and successes in life.

5. Making decisions unilaterally

A lack of consultation or consideration when making decisions that affect both of you can indicate a power imbalance and a failure to respect each other’s opinions.

6. Gaslighting

Gaslighting, which refers to manipulating situations to make you doubt your perceptions, memory, or sanity, is a form of emotional abuse and a severe breach of trust and respect.

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7. Avoiding friends and family

Isolating you from your support network by discouraging or avoiding interactions with your friends and family is controlling behaviour and a clear sign of disrespecting you and your connections.

8. Snooping

Invading your privacy by snooping through your personal belongings or communication is a breach of trust and a clear sign of disrespect. Since it can also be a sign of insecurity, make sure you discuss it with your partner.

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Checking the phone of your partner is not the right thing to do. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

9. Flirting with others

“Engaging in inappropriate behaviour with others, such as flirting, can be a blatant display of disrespect and a betrayal of the exclusivity expected in a committed relationship,” mentioned Rajgarhia.

10. Criticising or insulting you

While constructive feedback is okay, consistent criticism or insulting behaviour damages self-esteem and shows a lack of respect for your worth and contributions to the relationship. Doing so can create a lot of tension between you and your partner.

11. Taking you for granted

When your efforts and presence are consistently undervalued or assumed, it can indicate that your partner is not recognising or respecting your contributions to the relationship. Never stop showing appreciation towards your partner if you want your relationship to work.

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12. Comparing you with others

Unfair comparisons with other individuals, whether it’s about appearance, achievements, or behaviour, can be hurtful. It can even demonstrate a lack of appreciation for your unique qualities and efforts in a relationship.

13. Being rude

Sometimes being rude or angry can be understood. But displaying rudeness or contempt in communication and actions towards you all the time is a clear sign of disrespect. It can contribute to a toxic environment.

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You can overcome relationship conflicts, being rude to each other is not a solution! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

14. Lying

Dishonesty can break trust with each other, which is essential for a healthy relationship. Rajgarhia explains that consistent lying demonstrates a lack of respect for your right to know the truth.

15. Expecting to be put first

While prioritising a partner is natural, expecting to be the sole focus at all times can lead to neglecting your needs and aspirations, demonstrating a lack of respect for your individuality.

If you notice these signs in your partner, prioritise yourself and discuss how you feel about it with your partner!

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