Here are 3 things to do if WFH is screwing up your relationship with your partner

Work from home causing problems in your relationship? Fret not, follow these three relationship tips to have a healthy bond with your partner.
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 22 Nov 2020, 08:04 pm IST
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It sounds ideal to do everything with your partner right? When work from home began post the covid-induced lockdown, most couples were ecstatic that they would get more time to spend with each other. But guess what? Research suggests that many couples who work from home find that the additional time they get together now, makes them lonelier in their relationship than ever before. Yes, you heard it right. 

But you can make WFH more conducive if you want. All set to find out how? Follow these three tips to salvage the situation: 

1. Prioritise your relationship

Contrary to general perception, spending too much time with your partner can cause several problems. That’s why it is important to prioritise your relationship. Start off with giving your partner 30 minutes of undivided attention every day without technology, or too much conversation about work or kids. Turn off your phone, switch off Netflix, and just spend time with your partner. Discuss your day, your highs and lows, and how you are grateful to be with each other. 

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2. Make a home office

You might feel why is this even needed? But trust us, having separate workspaces is important for your relationship. If you don’t, you will soon be tired of each other. Space and personal freedom are important in relationships, even if you have to create it yourself. So, how do you begin? You start by working in separate rooms if that’s possible. Make sure not to mix work and personal life, which is highly likely when you work from home.

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You can also have an understanding that work remains in these office spaces only. 

3. Understand your personality type and love language

When you spend so much time at home, it is important to understand each other’s personality types, and how you fit in. The potential issues between the two can help you create a healthier foundation for your relationship. It is also critical to understand if you are extroverted and inverted, how and where we get our energy from, how we recharge, and so much more.

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Once you understand your personality type, it also helps you understand the needs of your partner. This will help you create a healthy routine, and decrease the chances of misunderstandings. 

Follow these tips dedicatedly and see a difference in your relationship! 

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