Ladies, these 7 signs indicate that you are doing great in your relationship

Published on: 19 November 2020, 13:53 pm IST

If you are not sure if your relationship is going the right way, look out for these 7 signs.

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Every relationship is unique in its own way, and has different needs. While you may be aware of your relationship better than others, but if you are in a dilemma if things are going right or not, then give this article a read. 

It takes you through seven signs that ensure you are doing great in your relationship, and there’s nothing to worry about!

But before we begin, you must know that no matter how much effort you put into a relationship, it can never be perfect! So, all you can do is give your best and then things will fall into place. So, shall we begin?

1. You are open to communication

No matter whatever the situation is, if you are open to communication with your partner, then you are doing good. Communication is the foundation of every healthy relationship.

Giving that space to allow your partner to speak their heart out will give them the confidence that no matter what happens and what the situation is, they can come to you anytime to talk and discuss.

2. You respond positively to your partner achievements

When you are in a relationship, you should feel happy and proud of your partner’s accomplishments. If you do respond to it positively, then it’s a great sign, ladies!

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3. You trust your partner

Trusting doesn’t always have to be blind, but when you are with a person you have to share some trust, it is one of the building blocks of a relationship. And trust doesn’t only mean that they are not backbiting, but it also means sharing your secrets and insecurities. When you fully trust your partner, you feel safe and comfortable knowing that they won’t hurt you back. So, let your guard down, and show some trust to your partner.

4. You work as a team

When you’re in a relationship, you both are a team! Ensure that you share roles and responsibilities together, so that not just one person is burdened with all the work. Not just work, acting as a team will also ensure that you have got each other’s back in times of need.

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5. You spend time apart

While spending time together is important, spending time with oneself is necessary too. Personal space is important in every relationship for growth and development. Giving yourself the time to relax and unwind, or to pursue some of your hobbies is a sign that you are doing the right thing.

6. You try out things together

If you are always on the lookout for things you can do with your partner, then let us assure you that you are doing absolutely the right thing. Finding hobbies or activities that you both can do together will make your bond stronger, and you both will feel more satisfied.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships also found that couples’ who had tried new and exciting things were the most satisfied in their relationship.

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7. You know how to resolve a conflict

As we mentioned in the beginning, no relationship is perfect and so fights, disagreements and conflicts will always happen. While you cannot do much about the fights, you can definitely try to resolve it in a better way.

If you talk and discuss your differences honestly and politely, then you are doing the right thing. And the most important thing to make sure is that you are addressing these conflicts without any judgement!

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