Is it love or infatuation? 10 signs to know for sure

Is it love or infatuation? Well, while infatuation is the beginning, love is the end game! Know the signs of love to know for sure.
love or infatuation
Is it love or infatuation? 10 signs to know for sure. Image courtesy: Freepik
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 12 Feb 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Love is a feeling that sweeps you off your feet and gives you butterflies in the stomach! Modern loveology has led us to believe in concepts such as “love at first sight” and whatnot. But is it really love? Or is it infatuation? While most of us confuse infatuation with love, they are two very distinct feelings. So, whether you are falling for your partner or it is a passing feeling that may die soon, let’s put the dilemma to rest with the help of an expert.

Dr Jyoti Kapoor, Senior Psychiatric, and founder of Manasthali Wellness, shares the signs that you are in love to make sure you are not confusing infatuation with love. Before that, let’s understand the difference between infatuation and love.

Love vs infatuation

Infatuation is a strong feeling of attraction and fixation on someone, and it happens instantly. Love, on the other hand, is a much deeper feeling that makes you feel bonded to your partner. It can be quite confusing to understand the difference between the two, mainly because almost every relationship starts with infatuation. But love enters when this feeling of infatuation turns into genuine trust and respect.

love or infatuation
Is it love or infatuation? 10 signs to know for sure. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

10 signs you are in love

If you still can’t differentiate between the initial feeling of infatuation and love, here are ten signs of love that you should know.

1. You mention your partner’s name all the time.

No matter the conversation, if you end up talking about your partner frequently, you are falling in love with that person.

2. You’re willing to do anything for him or her

Do you think you would sacrifice or give or do anything for your partner? If the bond feels so special that you know in your heart that you will do anything and everything to make him or her happy, you’re in love.

3. You’re open to doing new things

If your partner asks you to do new things, you feel like you want to give it a chance even if it’s not something you would normally do. Trying these new things help you form a genuine connection with your partner and let you unwind.

Friendship is a first step towards a successful relationship
Signs of love you should know. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

4. You’re saying “we” a lot

It’s not about “me” anymore, it’s about “we” for you now! When you make plans, you think about how your partner can accompany you. You think about ways to include them in your plans and future. If you find yourself doing this all the time, you are head over heels!

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5. You have started liking love songs

Have the cheesy love songs started to make sense to you now? It might not be for everyone, but some people in love feel extra romantic when they listen to love songs.

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6. You find your partner’s quirks endearing

Bad jokes? Too messy? All traits of your loved one seem adorable when you are in love. From their odd sense of humour to their unpredictability, all their quirks seem attractive and lovable. So, are we there yet?

7. You find him or her perfect

Well, perfection lies in imperfections! If you find everything about them perfect in the sense that you would not have it in any other way, you are in love.

8. Your brain thinks about him or her all the time

You know you are falling in love with your partner when all you can think about is them. You are in the middle of work and BAM – they pop up in your head! You are in the middle of a conversation, and all you think about is your partner means they are always in your thoughts – which is a sign of love.

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love or infatuation
Signs of love you should know. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. You don’t mind investing money, and time in him or her

When you are head over heels, money is not something that comes in the way of expressing your love for them! Even if you have always been a miser, you feel like spending for your partner without thinking twice.

10. You feel safe with them

Trust is the foundation and strength of any relationship, and love is no different! If they give you a sense of emotional, mental, and physical safety, you are in for a very long because your love for them is too strong.

So, are you in love? Or infatuation? Well, we hope we helped you figure it all out! And we hope you enjoy this Valentine’s day with the love of your life.

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